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Fri 24th November

Itchy Feet's Thanksgiving Turkey Roast
3pm - 10pm
Garden Halls
Come roast a turkey with Itchy Feet for Thanksgiving!

Mon 27th November

Careers in the UN Part 1: Jobs
6pm - 7:30pm
Are you thinking about a career within the United Nations? Have you ever wondered about the modus operandi of a international organisation? Join us for Part 1 of our two-day "Careers in the United Nations" workshop!

Fri 1st December

Itchy Feet goes to Winter Wonderland!
4pm - 8pm
Itchy Feet is going to Winter Wonderland! We will be trying mulled wine, possibly going on the ferris wheel, having some food, and going on some rides. Come join us!

Wed 6th December

Itchy Feet goes to Copenhagen!
6th December 6am - 8th December 10pm
Itchy Feet is going to Copenhagen for a Christmassy!
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