General Secretary





Busayo Twins

General Secretary 2016–2017


Hello everyone, my name is Busayo Twins and I am your General Secretary this academic year - nice to meet you!


Myself and the other amazing Sabbs will be working hard to ensure that you have the most productive and memorable university experience. You are our priority so feel free to get in touch regarding anything to do with your student experience.


My time as an undergrad at LSE has been so invaluable that I am determined to make sure as many people as possible can graduate with the same sentiment as I have. No doubt, you won't leave here being the same person you were at the start... in a good way (I promise)!


Email me, tweet me or come to the SU office for a chat - my time is for you.


Have an amazing year :)




Get in touch



Ext: 6709


Follow me on Twitter: @busayo_twins





Twins for the win



I represent LSE’s new school of thought. We are the frustrated majority and we can see past the society and club tailored promises. I’m standing for LSE students, not for my own career prospects.




I speak up. I want to be your advocate and I have no vested interests. I stay true to the cause in question and have no problem standing up for those unable/ill-placed to do so themselves.




I stand for something. Past candidates’ policies have been repeated and re-spun so much that it suggests that the issue lies, not in the ideas, but their ability to execute. I can deliver and I will.



I am not satisfied. LSE has provided a sub-standard education for too long. I'm running because LSE has failed to listen to our frustrations and I question the commitment being made to our demands. I want to be in the room to make sure our education is diverse, innovative and challenging.


If we really want progress, it's not just the players we endorse that have to change, but the game itself needs to be shaken. Let me shake it.