Manage Your Sub-Committees

Managing Your Sub-Committees

As a president, it is your role to ensure your sub-committees are operating effectively and are compliant with Student Unions' policies and procedures. In the past sub-committees have not ever been trained or brought inline with expectations of societies which has become a problem. Sometimes we didn't even know they exsisted! Therefore from now on annually, Societies have to request the right to have a sub-committee related to an event/project/campaign/journal and the committees must register. This will ensure that sub-committees gain the support they need from the Union. 

Getting Your Sub-Committee Approved

If you already have a sub-committee or are planning to get one for your group, please let us know via this form below. We will respond and approve within 10 working days. 
Submit a Sub-Committee Request Form

Electing or Recruiting

We know that there are many methods in which our groups want to be able to decide who is on a sub-committee which can be via election or recruitment methods. We are going to release more guidance soon about what steps to take depending on how you want to recruit. 

More Information to Come

Sub-Committee Registers

Once recruited, members of a sub-committee must regiseter themselves using the form below. We will then reach out to them to welcome them, let them know what training they need to complete and will add them to our committee newsletter mailing list. 

Direct Them Here

Constitution Updates

It is important that your members are aware that you are building in sub-committees for your activites. It is therefore mandatory for all groups to update their constitutions. Please do this and re-submit it to the Students' Union. This does not need to be passed by a member vote or agm.