Promote Your Group


Getting students to know about your activity and events can be one of the most difficult things about running a society. Below we have included some information to help you do this, this includes steps you can take yourself, opportunities to get involved with, and the information on how we can help you!

Please note - if you are submitting a promotion form it will need to be submitted at least 2 weeks before your event. We cannot always guarantee promotions for all clubs and societies due to busy schedules throughout the year.

Top Tips To Promoting Your Group and Your Events

There are so many things that you can do yourself, have a look below for some ideas.


Did you know that every student group has a webpage on the LSESU site?


This is the first point of call for incoming students to find out about your society. Make sure you have as much information on here as possible, it will make you look appealing and active. Members of your student group committee can edit this information, they must have admin rights to do this, more information can be found in Module 3 of the training.


If you have a student group event coming up that you wish to promote, then you can list it on the ‘What’s On’ page of the LSE website. For more information check out Module 3 on the training page on the website.


If you don’t have a facebook page or a twitter account for your society then you should definitely consider getting them, social media is playing an ever-increasing important role in the majority of people’s lives.


Some tips:

  • Don’t post too much on facebook- it can an invasive form of communication if you bombard people every hour of the day
  • Facebook will automatically promote picture and video content ten times more than pure text content organically, so bear this in mind
  • Twitter can be used much more regularly- short, snappy, amusing content
  • Create facebook events for your events so that people have all the info in one place, are reminded about it, and can invite their own friends too
  • If you want a way of managing your facebook and twitter accounts in one place, and a way of scheduling posts in bulk, then programmes like Hootsuite are easy and free to use Tweetdeck is also a useful programme for monitoring twitter


Registered clubs and societies can book stall spaces on Sheffield Street, located outside the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre. This is a great place to promote your group or a specific event due to them amount of foot fall.


If you would like to book a stall for your club or society to promote an event or to fund-raise, please call into the ARC, or email .


Give It A Go sessions are a great way to try a club or society with no pressure to join afterwards. Give It A Go is all about exploring LSESU’s amazing, student-led sports clubs, societies and the media group. Give It A Go sessions run throughout the year, for more information and tips on running a Give It A Go session just click here.


Don’t forget the old techniques such as posters and flyers! Make sure you try and be as environmentally friendly as possible and only order the number of posters and flyers you can be sure to distribute.





We provide your student group with a number of opportunities to get involved with. These include:


The best society committees are always trying to develop their group, and the staff at LSESU are eager to help you with that task. There will be regular ‘health check’ meetings for clubs and societies to come along to, keep an eye out for them in the emails.


Working with other groups to collaborate on activities throughout the year, can really help boost your awareness of events and membership. Often collaborating helps the groups attract more people, and provide an experience for members that they would never have been able to do if acting alone. LSESU offers networking events for Society Committee members during the academic year to help facilitate this kind of collaboration, and we strongly encourage you to attend!


One of the best ways of collaborating with others is to join in with one of the Union’s campaigns that run year-round, or to ask LSESU staff to help you launch a campaign of your own. Our Engagement Team can provide you with training and help you secure funding for a wide range of campaigns that support the values of our organisation and promote the interests of LSE students. By teaming with others across the Union, you have the chance to bring about change both within the LSE community and in society as a whole. If you are interested in involving your society in a campaign, please contact us and we will try to give you the help you need.


As a student group you can get involved in the Student Training Awards and Recognition Scheme (STARS) which recognises well-run, inclusive and fun student groups. Receiving STARS can increase your website presence and benefits. Find out how to get involved here.


How We Can Help you Promote Your Student Group and Your Events


The Students’ Union has its own presence on Social Media, where it is has many hundreds of followers and has a specific email that goes out to promote club and society activity and events. The Communications team will always do their best to promote your activities, or indeed to help you celebrate your achievements afterwards, by scheduling some coverage on one or more of those platforms.

Please note - if you are submitting a promotion form it will need to be submitted at least 2 weeks before your event. We cannot always guarantee promotions for all clubs and societies due to busy schedules throughout the year.


There are a number of ways we can help you:


We have a number of Social Media platforms that we can promote your student group activity and events. These include

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Tumblr
  4. Instagram/Snapchat Takeovers


To get information on these sites please fill out the form below.


This is something new that we have launched this year. Students can now sign up to receive the Activities Round-Up Newsletter, which contains information about sports club and society activity, as well as events. Any student can submit information to go into this Newsletter.


Included in the Activities Round-Up will be the Club and Society Spotlight, where our communications team will highlight a certain event or activity being conducted by a sports club and a society that week.


To get information into the Newsletter or to become the Club/ Society of the week (the earlier you send your activity it, the more likely we can make it a spotlight) please email


The Activities Round-Up is sent out every Tuesday so to guarantee your event is included, please email a week in advance and include any images or links to your activity. It's as easy as that!