LSE Halls Cup

What Is The Halls Cup?

Halls Pride and a Big Cash Prize!

Last updated: 23/01/18


The LSE Halls Cup was introduced to create unity in the halls community. This is your chance to get active, do great things and overcome challenges, with great people.

The Winners!

Congratulations to High Holborn – ‘17/’18. The first winners of the LSE Halls Cup!

The trophy will live with High Holborn for the next year, and residents will be able to enjoy the new Air Hockey table bought with their prize money.

The Prizes

A Big Cash Prize For The Winning Hall – The winning hall can then organise an end of year celebration to remember.

The Halls Cup Trophy – Make history with your halls team permanently inscribed as the year of legends. This will be displayed in your hall for the next year!

Halls Cup Points

Points are assigned to each of the six categories. Halls will need to participate in each category in order to win the Halls Cup.

150 points
for the hall which raises the most funds.

100 points
for 2nd place.

50 points
for 3rd place.

20 points
will be awarded to any hall which raises funds.

2 points
for each resident who participates in an Active Lifestyle session or event. (i.e. football tournaments or Yoga)

20 points
for each student who attends a ‘One-Off’ volunteering opportunity.

50 points
to the hall which wins their assigned Sustainability Challenge. Either: Student Switch Off, Reduce the Juice or The LSE Green Week Challenge.

100 points
for the hall which has the most participation.

50 points
for each hall with improved participation from last year.

10 points*
for each student attendee at a Hall Committee Event.

*These points will be weighted by the number of bed spaces at each respective hall. (i.e. Passfield- 10/223 per person, per event.)

100 bonus points
for winning Battle of the Halls.