How to Start a New Group


If you have a great idea for a new activity, society, or club, we’d love to hear from you!


Bee Society Football Islam


There are two different types of groups you can set up:


  1. Club – a physical activity with the potential to compete or a recognised sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  2. Society – any other interest group or activity you may want to set up!


There are so many possible societies that we do not have, there could be something for everyone. Below are a list of activities that we don't have that other Students Unions' across the country have. If something takes your fancy, why not start the group up. The list could go on forever but here are some ideas:

  • American Football, Aikido, American Culture Soc, Archery
  • Bollywood, Baseball
  • Calligraphy, Crossfit, Computer Science & Coding
  • Diving, Disney Society, Dodgeball
  • E-sports, First Aid Society
  • Gospel Choir, Gaelic Football, Gymanstics, Lego
  • Hiking, Mountaineering, Womens Futsal, Rubgy League, Skydiving and even Quidditch!


First, you need to ask yourself some questions:

  1. > Who is going to help me run my club or society?
  2. > Is there already a club or society organising the kinds of events that I want?
  3. > Who is going to join my club or society?

If you’ve got an idea for a club or society that we haven’t already got covered, and there are three of you ready to organise things and at least 17 other current LSE students who support the formation then we’re really ready to get things moving.


Information for starting a new group:


  1. Below is all the information you need to be able to start a new group. Make sure you look at each tab to get the information you need to get started.



- Complete and submit the application form and draft constitution for the new group.


- The new group application will first be considered by the AU Executive if it is for a new sports club or the Societies Executive if it is for a new society. These execs then make recommendations to the Activities Committee.


- The Activities Committee will meet twice per term to approve or reject the recommendations of the AU and Society Execs. Founders will hear if their idea is successful.


- Activities Committee and the Activities and Development Officer will report these decisions to all student groups at Activities Assembly at the end of each term.



The Activities Committee will be meeting 3rd of November & 1st of December. Applications need to be submitted in advance.



Having an idea for a group is really good, however there are certain criteria that mean sometimes a group cannot be formed. There can be a number of reasons including already having a group, or for safety reasons.


Have a look through the Criteria to setting up a new group and if you have any questions, please contact the societies development coordinator.




Starting and running a student group will give you skills that can help personally and professional develop! There are a number of skills that you can gain over your time on a student committee. Below we have outlined a number of these skills and attributes which are within the top 23 skills employers are looking for. If you have no other reason for being on a committee, then gaining these skills are one! Make sure your founders know what they can gain. *Insert Skills badge photos*



To start a new student group there are a number of legal documents that have to be completed to ensure the activity you plan is governed properly, delivered safely and primary is of a high quality for students. Please look at the information below, complete the attached templates and attach them to your group application form. If you are not sure, please follow the support links provided for training or contact the Student Activities Team on


  • 1. To ensure you activities are safe you have to complete a risk assessment for your activities. If you are not sure how to complete this, please head to our **Health and Safety Training for Committees** and this should be able to help.
  • 2. Create a draft constitution; this will need to be uploaded to your application form. We have created a template for you to use.
  • 3. All groups should financially plan their activities for the first year. You should consider all aspects of running a group such as membership, finance, events, facilities and much more.




Starting a new club or society can be a daunting process for some, however we think it can also be one of the most positive experiences of student life at LSE! Here are some tips we feel could be helpful when starting a new group.

  • If you are not sure what regular activities or events you could put on within your group, then have a look around at other student's Unions as there will most likely be the same or a similar society at another institution.
  • Worried about finding a facility for your new sport? Speak to local clubs all over London, the same club at another London University or the Sports Development Coordinator. There will most likely be somewhere for your activity to happen
  • Not sure how you are going to fund your activity? Lots of groups are funded by sponsors, look at similar groups pages and contact the same sponsors.



Application form

Remember, the more information on your application form the better and don't forget your attachments.


Please fill in your Application Form.


Deadlines for applications this term are the 1st of November & 29th of November