RAG (Raising & Giving)

LSESU RAG - the fundraising arm of the Students' Union!


LSESU RAG is one of the fastest growing RAG societies in the country, raising over £180,000 last year alone! Three-time award winning, RAG raises money for a number of amazing causes, facilitates society and club fundraising, and tries to increase students' exposure to amazing charitable causes.


Choose who we fundraise for:

At the start of every academic year LSE students get to vote for which groups RAG should fudraise for for that year. This year LSE students voted for their favourite choice for local, national, and international charities.


The causes that LSE students have chosen to support this year (2016/2017) are:

Local Charity of the Year:

  • Real Action:
  • Real Action helps children in deprived areas in West London learn to read, fulfilling every child's Right to Read.

National Charity of the Year:

  • StudentMind: 
  • Student Mind is the UK’s student mental health charity. Through their national network of university groups, they aim to empower students with the knowledge, confidence and skills to look after their own mental health and support others.

International Charity of the Year:

  • AMAR Foundation: 
  • AMAR is an award-winning charity that works in the Middle East, improving the lives of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in Iraq and Lebanon.

Fundraisers Code of Conduct:

LSESU RAG has a responsibility to the Union, the School, and the charities it fundraises for, to fundraise in a responsible and transparent way. Anyone working with LSESU RAG, on an event or using RAG collection buckets is operating under the LSESU RAG banner and name. Therefore LSESU RAG asks those fundraising to be respectful of this and to operate in a professional, polite and positive manner when dealing with other students, staff and the general public. RAG aims to provide ongoing support and training to volunteer fundraisers.

RAG must always:

  • Ensure that organisers brief their volunteers on the fundraising activity and that fundraisers are properly briefed on their relationship to the charity that they are raising money for.
  • Provide fundraisers with information on RAG and the charity they are fundraising for so that they can properly explain this to members of the public/wider student body.

Fundraisers must always:

  • Conduct their activities in such a way as not to bring RAG, LSESU, or LSE into disrepute.
  • Be courteous and non-aggressive.
  • Make sure to not impede, obstruct or cause a nuisance to members of the public and the wider LSE community.
  • Be clear that they are representatives of RAG, and are not representatives of an external charity (excluding special circumstances such as RAG Raids).
  • Seek permission from relevant authorities to undertake fundraising activities and comply with the law.
  • Inform RAG of their fundraising activities before they undertake them.

Once-in-a-lifetime Challenges: 

Our international challenge offerings this year are the most diverse and exciting yet:


1) Kilimanjaro trek for Dig Deep

    Climbing Kilimanjaro is an experience of a lifetime. So what could make it even better? Raising money for the amazing work that Dig Deep do just a stone's throw away in Kenya, at         the same time! 

2) Machu Picchu trek for Action Against Hunger

    Alternatively, navigate through the jungle trails and mountain passes, even swimming in glacial lakes to prevent hunger across the world with our Machu Picchu trek. 

3) Barcelona Marathon with Make-A-Wish

    Train and raise. Knock something off the bucket list by taking on and conquering the iconic Barcelona Marathon in sunny March while helping make wishes come true.

4) London to Paris and Budapest to Zagreb with Breast Cancer Now

    For a different style challenge, get on your bike, join us on the road to Paris (or from Budapest to Zagreb if you want an even more extreme challenge!) and help to prevent Breast             Cancer which affects more 50,000 people ever year in the UK alone.

Legendary Events: 

RAG also has a huge number of events planned such as the unforgettable SU Band, Winter Ball, and our RAG Week in Week 3 of Lent Term. 


If your society or club would like to collaborate with RAG during RAG week, get in touch with us: su.rag@lse.ac.uk


Big RAG love!
NB. 2% of funds raised in the 2016/17 academic year will be used as a RAG budget for the following year if no sponsorship is found.





Helping you fundraise

RAG don't just fundraise for their own charities – the society also facilitates and supports students who want to raise money for charity whether you're part of a society, club or organising something yourself! Simply get in touch to find out how RAG can help.


Any money you raise also goes towards the annual RAG Total and you'll even be recognised for your efforts! 


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