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A statement from your Sabbatical Officers regarding the Marshall building encampment

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In recent months, we have observed a global wave of student protests in solidarity with the people of Palestine, in light of the ongoing crisis in Gaza. On Tuesday May 14th, LSE students began a similar movement by initiating an encampment in the Marshall building.

LSESU stands firmly behind the right of LSE students to engage in peaceful protest and exercise their freedom of speech. We call upon the LSE management to maintain meaningful engagement with the protestors, fostering an environment of open and transparent dialogue, and we will do all we can to support this.

We are committed to the welfare of all our students. It is our duty to ensure that the campus remains a safe and inclusive space for all. Should any student feel otherwise, we encourage them to reach out to us directly or utilise the School's Report It. Stop It Support tool. We will continue to support the rights and safety of all students, both inside and outside of the encampment, and we will continue to advocate for their voices to be heard and incorporated into University decisions. 

If you are affected in anyway by these events, please get in touch with the LSESU Advice Service to explore all options available to you. 

As a Union, we ask all students, both inside and outside of the encampment, to treat each other and the issues with compassion, care, and understanding.


James Relf, General Secretary 2023/24
Chris Adewoye, Activities and Communities Officer 2023/24