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Officer Student Wins: LSE Support Map, Changemakers, Helping the Homeless and more...

Here at LSESU, we have a team of student officers, some full time and some part time, to represent YOU and the things you care about. They liaise, negotiate and influence the Directors at LSE to approve policy and make changes to improve your LSE experience.

Our Student Officers are voted in by the LSE student body (you!) during the Michaelmas Term and Lent Term, based on their manifestos and ideas. Our most recent team of officers have completed some great things over the year, have a read of some of their big wins below: 

Win no. 1: LSE Support Map

University life can be difficult to navigate sometimes, so former Community & Welfare Officer (and now your LSESU General Secretary!) David Gordon worked with the LSESU advice team to create a support map, to assist students in finding the help they need. The support map includes everything from keeping track of your finances and budgeting, to knowing where your local GPs are.

Win no. 2: Changemakers

Changemakers, a programme devised by your former Education Officer Martha Ojo, sought to get LSE students involved with independent research to create meaningful change in the School. The programme became a way for students to build up their LSE contacts, and create scholarly change that had a direct impact on the student experience.

Win no. 3: Drug Policy Reform

Jack Boyd, your 2019/20 Activities and Development Officer, put forward a motion to lobby LSE into reviewing their drug policy, as he felt that the current one did not offer the best advice or support to students. A school-wide survey followed, and the findings helped to support the motion when it was presented to LSE Leadership.

Win no. 4: Helping the Homeless

Zulum Elumogo, LSESU General Secretary for 2019/20, spearheaded a campaign that saw LSE make a pledge to donate £40,000 across three years to St Mungos, a charity that works with the homeless population in London.


Do you have an idea or a change you want to see in the LSE community? You can find out more about the officers that represent you here. Thinking of running to become an officer? You can find out more about our elections process here.