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Statement from your 23/24 Sabbatical Officers

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We share in the grief felt by our community due to the ongoing violence in Palestine, Israel, and surrounding areas. Like many, we support calls for an immediate and continued ceasefire and an end to the terrible acts of violence and loss of life across the region. 

As a diverse global community, we know LSE members are impacted differently by events outside our school. There are many perspectives on this complex situation. As a Union, and in our role as Sabbatical Officers, we represent all students. We are committed to equality, social justice and amplifying all voices and our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of students.  

We all have a duty to call out racism and discrimination, so LSE remains a safe space for all. We are very troubled by the increase in harassment including antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents in London and beyond.  

For those affected by hate, we stand with you and offer support. Below are resources including how to report racism and hate crimes at LSE:



  • Report it, Stop it is LSE’s tool for students and staff to report racism, harassment and discrimination and reports can be with your name or anonymous. You can approach a safe contact first and they can help you fill in a report too if you want to



  • The Advice Service offers 1-2-1, impartial appointments to discuss your academic support options, such as exceptional circumstances and extensions. If you are struggling with assessments, please get in touch with them via to book an appointment.



  • Safe contacts are trained members of staff at LSE who can support you if you have experienced antisemitism, islamophobia, or any other discrimination, provide a safe, listening space and signpost you to further support. You can find the safe contact list here



  • All LSE students can access counselling from the Counselling Service if you have been affected and would like support. To book an appointment, the registration form is here


  • The Director, Jim, is a chaplain to the whole School and is available to speak confidentially to any student regardless of religious affiliation and the Faith Centre also offers Chaplains here


Your LSESU Sabbatical Officers for 2023/24



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