Futuristic Affairs

Futuristic Affairs


The LSESU Humans of the Future society aims to discuss scientific advances and developments, examining its impact on culture and society as well as their ethical implications.
Examples include the ethics of humanizing AI, diminishing privacy in a connected world, and the increasing porousness of borders in an age with reducing travel times.
We also examine developments such as possible moon settlements which would raise wide-ranging concerns over international issues such as nationhood and government jurisdiction.

The society provides an interactive place full of interested and friendly students, fostering the exchange of ideas through open discussion.
We will organise regular talks held for and by students.
Focusing on major topics that will be alternated every few weeks, the members will hereby be central by presenting their main thoughts and predictions.
At the end of each major topic, we will award the student with the most creative idea, to incentivise innovation as well as free-thinking.

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