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LSE SU Futuristic Affairs, formerly Humans of the Future, was founded in early 2018 by students from a wide range of academic and cultural backgrounds. The society aims to discuss technological and scientific developments, examining its implications on society and economy. We cover a wide range of topics, exploring issues critical for the future. 
Such include the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Digitalisation & Automation (Industry 4.0), Mass Surveillance, Genetic Engineering or the Future of Nationhood. We thereby try to to look at issues through different angles, understanding the bigger picture and creating visions for the future. 

Especially nowadays, with dystopian visions à la Orwell or Huxley on the rise, LSE Futuristic Affairs aims to provide a critical platform for discussion while also offering a forward-looking and engaging framework of ideas. Our goal is to bring technology closer to students and combining that knowledge with our educational background.
The society provides an interactive place full of interested and friendly students, fostering the free exchange of ideas through open discussion. We encourage everyone to be an active part of our society and contribute their own thoughts and predictions. Most creative ideas and and visions will be rewarded and included in the society's official publications. 

For 2019-2020, several exciting talks have already been planned, including leading figures from business, think-tanks and the media -  we are looking forward to seeing you there!

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