Castore Consulting


Castore Consulting is a strategy advisory that delivers disruptive solutions for startups.

We support young ventures by offering a range of services to create sustainable growth and success. In line with our vision, we are an official partner of Generate —the home for entrepreneurship at LSE.


Startup businesses often have limited time and resources to study the vast amounts of insights that could be put into practice. We aim to help these young ventures to thrive by combining extensive backgrounds of knowledge covering every aspect of strategy, management and entrepreneurship.

Our imperative is to provide holistic, profound and critical advice that points the way to a prosperous future. We seek to challenge the status quo and to come up with creative, unconventional and unexpected angles to tackle a magnitude of strategic challenges.


If you are looking to delve into the craft of strategy consulting while gaining thorough insights into the entrepreneurial process and the frontlines of corporate innovation—we are the right place for you!

By working at Castore Consulting, you will gain invaluable experience and network that will boost both your professional career and personal development.


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