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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Referendum Motion

UGM - November 2019

Should the LSE change and improve its sexual harassment and abuse support provision?

Proposed by: Laura Goddard

Seconded by: Ella Holmes

What is the issue?

Inadequate, under-resourced support for victims of sexual assault at the university.

What is the solution?

4 key solutions:

1) Create a model of support based on proactivity and care, including:

a. Prioritised student counselling referrals

b. A permanent, salaried sexual assault counsellor in the EDI

c. A survivors UK monthly counsellor specifically for male victims

2) Improvement of LSE’s interface

a. Improve signposting to ensure students get the support they need more quickly

b. Ability to book appointments without emailing

c. Make it clearer for students to understand the options available to them when disclosing information regarding sexual assault

3) Urgent review of the extenuating circumstances procedure for those affected by sexual assault during the assessment period so that the submission of evidence is dealt with in a caring, supported manner

4) Safe contacts in every department

a. Training of more male safe contacts

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