Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the classroom is a free development program for students aimed at developing key skills and attributes that will support you in your academics, future employment, and day to day life away from the workplace.

We have taken 11 of the most sought after skills and attributes and focused our program around developing these through a series of workshops. Topics will include: Mental health training, Contingency planning and managing your time.

If you are unsure of which areas you should develop we have a skills checker right here! Simply fill in the form and we can generate a report for you that will tell you the areas you should develop and the best ways to do so!


Our Skills and Attributes

Resilience: Resilience is the ability to be able to bounce back during difficult times. It has a massive focus on staying positive and thinking forward during times of failure.
Self-Management: Self-Management is all about taking responsibility of ones behavior, wellbering and work. This can take many forms, not only organising your time in the workplace but also looking after your own wellbeing

Empathy: Empathy focuses on the emotional side of life, making sure the feelins and emotions of everybody can be understood

Problem Solving: Problem Solving is about finding solutions to difficult issues. It involves a lot of trial and error and is crucial to the workplace

Adaptability: Adaptability is focused on being able to adjust to your environment and conditions. This is all about how to react to change and your ability to settle into it.

Influencing: Influencing is the capacity to have an effect on an individual, issue, a behaviour or a decision. Influencing is all about how you have presented yourself to the workplace.

Focus: Focus is all about maintaining your level of interest and/or activity. Focus is linked heavily to productivity and output within the workplace.

Cooperation: Cooperation is about working together towards a positive outcome. This focuses a lot on team work and making sure objectives are team based.

Negotiating: Negotiating is all about trying to reach an agreement. This can be done in a number of ways through discussion based work and providing evidence.

Networking: Networking is the act of contacting and exchanging information with other people, groups or institutions to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. It is also a good marketing tool where you can market yourself as a potential employee as well as your business.

Respecting: Respecting is focused on acknowledgement of people and their feelings, skill rank or ability. This is crucial in a hierarchical organisation.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aim of these sessions?

These sessions are designed to equip you with key attributes and skills that not only employers look for in graduates, but can also support you in your day to day lives. Each session is a key skill that can be used in the future. In the current world graduates need every advantage they can get!

How do I book onto a session?

Sessions can be booked through the What's On page. Please ensure you are logged in to book onto a session and click ‘buy’ to add a session to your basket. Note that all sessions are free of charge.

Students can also book on to events in person by visiting the Activities Resource Centre on the 1st Floor, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, between 10 am and 4pm.

Can I turn up on the door?

Normally yes! We will always try and accommodate as many students as possible to attend an LSESU Beyond the Classroom session; however, a session may be full. To guarantee entry, please book for free prior to a session.

Can I bring a friend to a session?

By all means, bring a whole seminar! There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be booked by each student when general ticket bookings are open. You can book for as many friends as you like. They just need to bring their LSESU ID card or other form of identification to the session.

What if I am unable to book a ticket for an event?

If you are unable to book a ticket for an event, there may be an issue with your membership. If an event is only available for Priority Booking, you may not be eligible to book at that time. If the event is for general student booking and you have an issue, please contact the ARC and we will try to rectify the issue as quickly as possible: