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A student blowing bubbles at an outdoor event

Cancelled - The Three Tuns Presents: LSESU Goldrush Race!

Monday 14 December 2020
11am - 3pm


The LSESU Gold Rush Race is an interactive scavenger hunt which can be completed at a multitude of locations, or even from home! Each team will be provided with a list of challenges to complete to earn points for their team. Some challenges may require you to head to specific locations in London, whilst others can be achieved anywhere. Once you’ve completed a challenge, take a photo/video and send it over to our Twitter account (@lsesugoldrush) where we’ll be tallying team points. The team who earns the most, wins!


  1. Purchase your team ticket at Make sure you tell us your team name in the comments!
  2. Create a Twitter account and ensure it’s listed as your team name.
  3. Follow @lsesugoldrush and make sure we’ve followed you back!
  4. We’ll send you a Zoom link for the launch event (11am on 14th Dec) - if participating from a London location, we’d recommend taking this call remotely to save your travel time. We’ll let you know where to start.
  5. We’ll send out the task list by email to the primary ticket-holder. Make sure you have a fully charged phone - you’ll have 4 hours to complete as many tasks as possible. Send each one as it’s completed by tagging @lsesugoldrush on Twitter.
  6. The event will end at 3pm, no submissions will be accepted thereafter. We’ll notify the winners on Twitter as soon as possible!


  1. Teams can be from 1 - 4 players, providing they are from the same household. Participation is open to LSE Student’s and housemates (non-students permitted).
  2. Varied challenges have been set so you can play at from specific locations, remotely or from home.
  3. Challenges can be completed in any order and you can partake in any challenge of preference. Teams are not expected to complete all challenges listed.
  4. We award creativity and challenge requests do not need to be taken literally. We will however reject submissions which are solely screenshots or photos of photographs.
  5. Teams must work collaboratively to submit their challenges; we will not accept submissions from divided teams or individuals on behalf of a team.



  • Only one ticket required per team. Maxiumum 4 players per team.
  • Teams must be from the same household.
  • Teams must adhere to rules of social distancing.
  • Tickets will go off-sale at 5pm Sunday 13th December.
  • For any queries/cancellations please contact: