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LSESU Level Up Fitness is open exclusively to LSE Students, LSE Summer School Students, Staff and Alumni. Based across two sites, we aim to keep prices low and provide an excellent service that suits your needs.

Staff Membership

Are you a LSE Staff/Alumni? Come join our LSESU Gym Community today!

Please see membership options below.

Before purchasing any membership, please read and accept our Terms and Conditions 

Before attending the Gym, please print and fill out the Physical Activity Readiness Questionairre. If you're unable to print, there will be copies at Gym Reception to fill out. Please Note: You cannot partake in any activity without this form being approved by a Gym Supervisor.  


1 Month Gym membership - Staff/Alumni

Ref: M10009880

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Price: £37.50

3 month Gym membership - Staff/Alumni

Ref: M10009850

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Price: £96.00

6 month Gym membership - Staff/ Alumni

Ref: M10009820

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Price: £165.00

9 Month Gym Membership - Staff/ Alumni

Ref: M10077430

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Price: £220.00

12 Month Gym Membership - Staff/ Alumni

Ref: M10009790

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Price: £300.00

Day Pass - Staff/Alumni

Ref: M10063260

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Price: £7.00

Learn For You Scheme

LSE Learn for You is a personal and career development scheme through which certain categories of staff are entitled to a learning allowance of up to a maximum of £220 every academic year to spend on the learning of your choice. The Learn for You scheme provides you with £220 towards your LSESU Gym Annual Staff membership (£300) or you can also use it to cover a 9 month Staff membership in the gym which costs £220.

Find out more here

Learn4u - LSE Staff Only

Ref: M10061840

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Price: £80.00