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Hardship Fund

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The Hardship Fund is a means tested fund designed to help students who have fallen into short-term, unforeseen hardship to continue with their studies and complete their degree. The fund is managed and monitored by our Advice Service, independent from LSE.

How can the Hardship Fund help me?

Whilst we consider each case on its individual merits, the main categories from which we would normally consider making an award are:

  • Emergency housing and homelessness costs
  • Immigration costs
  • Medical costs
  • Right to choose costs
  • Childcare costs

For more details, please read the Hardship Fund Guidance Document.

Download Guidance Document(Opens in a new tab)

Am I eligible?

The Hardship Fund is open to all currently registered LSE students. The full eligibility criteria can be found in the Hardship Fund Guidance Document.

Awards are normally only made in instances where the financial hardship was unforeseen. The Hardship Fund Panel will assess your current shortfall, as well as your anticipated income over the year. Your circumstances will then be carefully considered alongside the supporting evidence you provide. You have the right to appeal the Panel’s decision.

How do I apply?

Those wishing to apply should first read the Hardship Fund Guidance Document for information regarding application and eligibility criteria. You should then complete the Hardship Fund Application Forms and email it across to, along with any corresponding evidence.

Download Application Form(Downloads a Word document)


When I first moved to London to begin my studies at LSE, I was living in private accommodation. I felt very uncomfortable in my accommodation as it was rundown and felt unsafe.

One night a random man was able to enter my room using his key and after this incident, I knew I had to move out of this accommodation. However, I could not afford to break my lease and move elsewhere. I was very low on funds and this accommodation was all I could afford. This took a huge toll on my studies and mental health. I was considering deferring my degree and returning to my home country.

Someone suggested that I reach out to the LSESU and explain my situation. I did and was told to apply to the LSESU Hardship Fund. I applied and was awarded a generous grant that would allow me to move out of my current accommodation. I moved into an LSE hall where I felt much safer. I was able to find peace once again and focus on my studies.

The LSESU Hardship Fund allowed me to feel safe during my time at LSE and relieved the enormous stress I felt over my living situation. If it wasn't for the LSESU Hardship Fund, I likely would have had to defer my degree and return to my home country. I will be forever grateful to the LSESU for their generosity and for making it possible for me to prioritize my studies while at LSE.

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