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Guidance & Criteria


Project aims

The panel is looking to support projects impacting the LSE student community, whether on site or online, by:

Having an educational effect: This could happen by the project facilitating the development of those involved in the project in some shape or form or by the project developing students’ knowledge or awareness on a given subject.

Positively impacting the wellbeing of students: This could happen by having a direct or indirect effect on mental or physical health or making change/supporting campaigns to improve life of LSE students.

Being community building: This could happen by bringing people together or by being accessible to a wide range of students.

Tackling inequalities: This could happen by raising awareness or implementing innovative ideas to fight against discrimination and work for a more inclusive school or society.

Target audience

The panel is looking to fund activities which are aimed towards:

  • A large number of students,
  • OR specific liberation groups (e.g. women, BMEs students, LGBTQ+ students, etc.),
  • OR underrepresented students within LSESU (e.g postgraduates, international students and PhD students).

General criteria

  • Student demand: We expect applications to demonstrate an existing need.
  • Unique initiative: When possible, the panel is looking to fund activities that demonstrate innovation and don’t replicate existing activity.
  • If you’re applying on behalf of a sport club or society for regular activities, you should demonstrate the potential for your activity to become financially sustainable and require less or no funding in the future

Please note that your project will be reviewed against all the criteria. It doesn’t need to meet all the criteria to be funded but the more criteria your project matches, the more likely it is to be funded.



For sport clubs and societies

You can apply for £1 000 to £10 000 (or £5 000 for a one-day event). Please check the activities fund if you would like to apply for less than £1 000. Please, note that you can only apply to one of the funds.

For individual students or informal groups of students

There isn’t a minimum amount you can request. The maximum award is £10 000 (or £5 000 for a one-day event).

The decision-making panel retains the right to approve a lower amount than is requested.

Budgeting information and restrictions

  • Catering: If you are requesting money for catering or refreshments then this should not exceed 30% of the money you request from the SUF. This restriction doesn't apply if food is a core-part of your event. If you plan on inviting speakers and core-committee members in a restaurant, please note that the SUF can only pay up to £5 for breakfast, 10£ for lunch and £20 for dinner per person.
  • Security/technical support: If you wish to use our venue or LSE venue, there may be additional security/technical support requirements that you must factor into your budget (£12/hour/staff).
  • Accommodation: Accommodation will only be funded if it is 3-stars or under or if you can evidence that you have chosen an AirBnB (or equivalent) that is of average price for the location.
  • Travel: Travel will be funded if it is via second class train or coach. Flights will only be funded if there is no feasible alternative and must be Economy.
  • Group trips: Please note that the SUF can fund a maximum of half of the total cost of a student group trip.
  • Online event: We can fund your online event (equipment such as microphone or camera for speakers, catering through vouchers, specific license etc).
  • Restrictions: Please note that the fund cannot be used to pay any kind of gifts or prizes (even for speakers during a seminar).

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