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Academic Representatives are a crucial part of LSE Students' Union. More than 400 Academic Reps are elected by their student peers to represent them during the academic year and to liaise with LSE departmental staff in the Staff Student Liaison Committees.

Rewards & Recognition

Being an Academic Rep can come with a lot of responsibility and some time commitment. We are deeply appreciative of the time and effort you put into representing your peers, so there are a couple of benefits in place for our Academic Reps to thank you for your work. 

1. Academic rep of the month award

Do you know an Academic Rep who has gone above and beyond to improve the experience of the students on their course? Or someone who has achieved some amazing wins for your programme? Then nominate them (or if this is you, yourself) for the Academic Rep of the Month Award! 

Each month (from November to June), we recognise the amazing work our Academic Representatives put into representing their peers and the important role they play in improving teaching and student experience at LSE, by selecting one Academic Rep of the Month. Winners will receive a certificate and a small prize.

All LSE students, staff, and Reps can nominate an Academic Rep they feel like has been doing an amazing job in representing other students and/ or who has positively impacted the experience of students at LSE. You can also nominate yourself! Have a look at the criteria below and nominate by filling out the form here. 

Nominations for the November Academic Rep of the Month will open on the 1st of November 2022 and will close on the 22nd. Afterwards, the Education Officer and the Academic Representation Coordinator will review the nominations and pick a winner. 

We will announce the winner on the last day of the month on this webpage! Have a look below to see this year’s winners and learn more about why they became an Academic Rep and what positive impact they have had so far. 

If you have any questions, please contact


Rep of the Month Criteria 

When nominating someone, you can use these criteria to describe why they deserve to become the Academic Rep of the Month! They don’t need to fit all the criteria below, these are just examples of the things we are looking for when deciding who will receive the award. Make sure you use examples to describe how they fit the criteria! 

  1.  They attend and engage at the SLLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) meetings. They proactively suggest solutions to issues and take measures to to solve the issues affecting students in their cohort. 
  2. They communicate regularly and effectively with the other students in their programme, making sure that they reach all (or the majority of) students when collecting feedback and keeping people informed about the outcomes of the SSLC meetings
  3. Their actions have made a positive impact on student life or teaching quality. 
  4. They work together with other Academic Reps, members of staff, and the Students’ Union to resolve issues and champion the representation of all students. 


2. Linkedin endorsement

As Academic Reps you can receive a reference from the Students’ Union via LinkedIn. To be eligible, you will have to have completed our training and have attended at least one SSLC meeting. This will be available at the end of the academic year, so make sure you reach out via to receive your endorsement. We will remind you of this closer to the time as well. 

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