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Students smiling and carrying a 'consent education now' banner at a protest

The Mental Health Collective




LSE is known for having a competitive environment which can cause students to feel anxious, stressed and depressed. The Mental Health Collective wants to lobby the School to support students better and open up the conversation around mental health.


  • Release a survey to establish if there are discrepancies in departments’ mental health provision

  • Organise Careers events to support students after graduation

  • Open up the conversation around mental health through events, videos and blogs


Medium - BAME and Identity: the problem with homogenisation
16 August, 2020
Medium - Black, Christian and Depressed: The Inconsistent Triad
8 August, 2020


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Are you a Society or Club who support what we want to achieve? Endorse Us

Societies and Sports Clubs who support the changes we are trying to make at LSE, we would like to ask you to give your endorsement for our campaign. Find out more about what it means to endorse using the buttons below. The more support we have, the easier it is for us to make LSE a place truly led by students.

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