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Dear LGBTQ+ students,

Coming to University can seem like a daunting time, especially when the world
is facing a global pandemic. This is particularly true for LGBTQ+ students where
we also need to think about our safety and whether we are going to be
accepted, respected and included. When I came to LSE, I faced the same
concerns, and because I believe no LSE LGBTQ+ student should have their
university experience undermined because of their identity, I decided to write
this guide, hoping that it can alleviate some of the concerns by Thiago Pontes, LGBT+ Officerproviding
information about how to navigate LSE as an LGBTQ+ person.

This guide is divided into three main parts. The first one will discuss how LSE
can support you. The second section presents how the LSE Students’ Union
(LSESU) can support and represent your voice. Finally, this guide will provide
some information regarding Mental and Sexual Health.

As the institution which held the first UK meeting of the Gay Liberation Front
(GLF), I am confident that LSE is one of the best institutions to be studying as a
queer person. However, we still have many challenges to overcome and cannot
take for granted all the rights and victories we achieved as a community.

I hope you find this guide useful and have a great time at LSE.

Best wishes,



LGBTQ guide


The LSE LGBTQ Campaign aims to improve the lives of LGBT students and is particularly focused around financial support, mental health and support for our trans students


The New LGBT Alliance Website

The LSESU LGBT Alliance has launched its new website at

Part-time officer Thiago Fonseca-Pontes

A message from your LGBT officer, Thiago.

Since the start of Michaelmas Term, I’ve been working with Lily, the President of Pride Alliance and, Bali, the Education Officer, and Laura, the Community and Welfare Officer on making LSE a better place for LGBT students to live and study.


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