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How To Write Your Manifesto!

Manifesto Workshop

How To Write Your Manifesto!


Your manifesto is the first thing your peers will read about you and what you stand for. It's ultimately your "sales pitch" — why should your voters (i.e. students of LSE) vote for you over all the other candiates? What are you advocating for that will make their university experience more equitable and enjoyable? 

This may be the only thing voters every see or read about you, so it's worth making sure those 250 words count!

We've put together a pre-recorded online workshop to help you find the best ways you can reach students and what you can do to get them to vote for you.

We will be running an in-person manifesto workshop at 11AM-12PM on Wednesday 4th October in the Third Floor Meeting Room in the Saw See Hock Building. If you have any questions or want to chat over your manifesto, please contact us at