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Campaign banner on the side of the Saw Swee Hock building

LGBTQ+ Students' Officer

As LGBTQ+ Students' Officer, you would be responsible for listening to and voicing the concerns of LGBTQ+ students at LSE, working alongside the Sabbatical Officers to make positive change.

Key responsibilities

  • Lead the Union on improving LGBTQ+ students’ experiences 

    • This could include bigger projects such as lobbying with LSE key stakeholders for more inclusive policies, which especially affect LGBTQ+ students or smaller initiatives such as collaborating with relevant clubs, societies and campaigns on events and initiatives 

  • Set and carry out annual objectives 

    • Annual objectives include changes you would like LSE to implement and lobby for, running a week of events such as Pride Week in collaboration with LSESU staff, clubs, societies and the wider student body 

  • Attend 121s with relevant LSESU staff once a month, and remain in regular contact through email/phone between meetings

    • A Campaigns and Policy Coordinator will be assigned to support you throughout the duration of your role and help you with achieving your projects

  • Attend Executive Committee meetings and the monthly Student Members' Meetings, or send official apologies if this is not possible

    • The Executive Committee is made up of the elected Full-Time and Part-Time Officers of the Students' Union. The Executive Committee meet several times each term to discuss the political direction of the Union, ongoing campaigns, and to report on their work.

    • You will join a community of Part-Time officers with whom you can collaborate. 

  • Communicate and collaborate with the Sabbatical Officers where necessary

  • Communicate your work to students both in person and online and continuously engage with their interests

    • This can be done through open fora, social media accounts, surveys, etc. 

  • Flexible working around undergraduate or postgraduate studies 

    • It is up to you how many hours a week you will contribute to your role and this might vary depending on busy periods. On average most PTOs spend 3-10 hours a week on their role. 

  • International students are encouraged to stand

Note: All candidates must self-define as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or
another minority gender identity or sexual orientation, such as gender queer
or asexual in order to run for this role.