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Your Education Officer is the face of education at LSE, responsible for improving your academic experiences at LSESU.
Bali Birch-Lee, Education Officer

Maarya rabbani

Education Officer


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GEt to know maarya

What I Studied

MSc Comparative Politics.

How I was involved with LSESU before becoming an officer

I was the academic representative for my cohort at the Student-Staff Liaison Committee level (SSLC) and was unanimously chosen as the PGT representative for the Government Department at the Consultative Forum and Department Teaching Committee. I also played for the LSE SU women’s basketball team, and am a member of the Decolonise LSE collective, Palestine Society, and (of course!) Afghanistan Society. 

What I’m looking to achieve this year

From mental health, to fairer assessment and deferral policies, to decolonising the curricula — students’ voice in all aspects of their educational experience at LSE is of the utmost importance to me — I’m here to listen, and follow through. 

One tip for making the most out of LSE

Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world; so what better way to start than to get involved in the LSESU community and put your passion into practice through projects, campaigns, events, and motions that you care about!


maarya's Office Hours

Maarya is available to talk to on campus, bookable on the Student Hub.

- Tuesdays 10am-11am -



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