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Laura Goddard, Community and Welfare Officer

Community and Welfare

Your Community and Welfare Officer is responsible for positively influencing the welfare of students at LSE by lobbying the University and creating impactful change.
Laura Goddard, Community and Welfare Officer

Laura Goddard

Community and Welfare Officer


Get to know Laura

What I Studied

BSc (Hons) International Relations

How I was involved with LSESU before becoming an officer

LSESU has been at the centre of making LSE feel like a community to me; from sporting successes during my time as both Lacrosse President and Outreach/Welfare officer, activism in the campaign to improve sexual violence support, to Friday nights in Tuns.

What I’m looking to achieve this year

My focuses this year will be delivering more inclusive mental health services, better sexual assault support, facilitating activism including Black Lives Matter protests and providing support in this era of COVID-19 for LSE's community. 

One tip for making the most out of LSE

Invest equally in making time for yourself as you do making the most of all the opportunities on offer.

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