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Amira Lounici, BME Officer

Black and Minority Ethnic

Your BME Officer is responsible for listening to and voicing the concerns and experiences of Black and ethnic minority students on campus, supporting the Sabbatical Officers in lobbying for change.
Amira Lounici, BME Officer



Get to know YASHASWINI

What I Study

Year 1, MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology.

why i became BME Student's PTO

The transition, academic pressure and socialising at LSE can be overwhelming and can take a toll on our mental health and overall well-being. Being a minority sometimes gets to you however, it shouldn't restrict you from making the most of your time at LSE and having a smooth journey. I intend to be your go-to person in this journey as we are all in this together. Robert Frost quoted “The only way out is through ” and I aim to make sure that in this journey I am with you throughout to ensure you feel safe, heard, included, seen and valued. It is my Honour to represent you and be your voice. 

Lastly, I want you to Show you for YOU, Stand up for YOU so that I can Speak up for YOU. Let's do this together and make LSE a mindful and meaningful journey.

what i am looking to achieve this year

I hope to achieve very basic things which can make us feel included in this new environment!

My priority is to make Mental Health more available and accessible. Hold and organise as many Mental Health events as possible.

  • I aim to introduce SAFE spaces on LSE campus wherein students can share their concerns anonymously and I will make sure they are addressed. The SAFE spaces will also have weekly/ monthly sessions aiming to incorporate different therapeutic practices which can help students unwind and refocus.
  • Food is everyone’s comfort and I intend to propose a diverse menu at LSE cafés because with that we can make people a wider choice and also feel accepted. 
  • Lastly, my aim is to introduce a group of volunteers who can brief and connect with freshers and make them feel less overwhelmed by answering their questions. These volunteers will be called “Circle of Easers”. 

If you spot me on campus, never hesitate to talk to me or wave and smile. Let's do this together and have a great year ahead.


End of Term reports

Yashaswini's End of Term report will be found here.

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