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Tanya Marwaha, Disabled Students' Officer

Disabled Students' Officer

The Disabled Students’ Officer represents disabled students at the LSE – they might lead campaigns, run events, or attend meetings to serve the interests of the students they represent.
Tanya Marwaha, Disabled Students' Officer



Get to know AVELINE

What I Study

Second Year BA Social Anthropology with French.

why i became disabled students' pto

After being diagnosed with non-visible disabilities in my second year, I became involved in the conversation about disabled students at LSE. I quickly realised not enough was being done for us: inclusion plans weren’t being respected, the infrastructure and social life was not accessible. That’s why this year, I will represent disabled students to build a community and campaign for better support.

what i am looking to achieve this year

As your Disabled Students’ Officer, I will:

  1. Build a community of disabled students at LSE: 
    1. Through regular and inclusive social events, 
    2. Active social media platforms,
    3. A team of disabled students dedicated to improving disabled students’ experiences at LSE 
  2. Promote understanding of students’ experiences with disabilities and mental health through 
    1. Regular on-campus and online drop-ins, 
    2. Mental Health Weeks 
    3. Disability Awareness Weeks
  3. Campaign for visibility and inclusion across the LSE and the SU 
    1. To prioritise disabled students and support inclusion plans
    2. Improve signage and facilities, such as rest spaces
    3. Collect feedback across LSE and the SU

End of Term reports

Aveline's End of Term report will be found here.

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