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Ethics and Sustainability Advisor

Your Ethics and Sustainability Advisor is the lead the frontier to make LSE an ethical and sustainable community, they help ensure campus life supports sustainable development for all. They advise the SU on environmental issues to investigating LSE's ethical and social credibility.
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himani iyer (She/Her)

Environment and sustainability advisor

Get to know himani

What I Study

I study law and am hoping to specialise in human rights.


I wanted to become Ethics and Sustainability Advisor because I’m quite passionate about the environment and helping bridge the gap between what us as students can do with effecting change.

what i am looking to achieve this year

My main aim is to do a soft launch into making sustainability a closer and more personal issue to students, so I’m hoping to introduce exciting ways to do that, such as a vegan and vegetarian food festival. Another thing I’m really excited to try is bringing animals onto campus so that I can not only encourage people to not rely on phones and the internet as much for entertainment, but also for mental wellbeing.

End of Term reports

Himani's End of Term report will be found here.

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