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Environment and Ethics

Your Environment and Ethics Officer is responsible for working alongside the Union to develop policies relating to the environment and ethics.
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Environment and Ethics Officer

Get to know SOPHIE

What I Study

I am in my 3rd Year studying BSc Geography with Economics.


In my time at LSE I have come across so many great student initiatives relating to sustainability and the environment. I wanted to be able to maximise the impact of these initiatives, and also hold LSE management accountable to its study body. 

what i am looking to achieve this year

I hope to build collaborative and active environmental hub at the school, where a diversity of voices can come together to enact positive change, both on and off campus. I also want to campaign for greater student representation in investment, as to ensure that the values of LSE students align with how our tuition fees are spent by LSE management! 

End of Term reports

Sophie's End of Term report will be found here.

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