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International Students Officer

LSE is a global institution, with a global student body - and the International Students’ Officer makes sure we don’t forget it! They work to represent international students and their interests to the School and SU.
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Celine estebe  (she/her)

International students Officer

Get to know Celine

What I Study

I am a second year at the LSE, studying management. 


I encountered a lot of hardships during my first year at the LSE, including an uncomfortable roommate situation, having to switch halls, keeping up with my studies while trying to maintain some friendships as well as my mental health, and being far away from the people who support and love you the most. I decided that I wanted to support the welfare of all international students, as loneliness is truly difficult to fight, especially when you're hours away from home. Hence, my role is to make LSE everyone's home. 

what i am looking to achieve this year

I am aiming to achieve several things, including: - a halls survey making sure that you will be living with someone with a similar mindset as yours - a specific website for International Students, aiming to guide you throughout your studies - implementing UniBuddy on the LSE website, for prospective students to have someone to talk to and ask questions to before attending the LSE.

End of Term reports

Celine's End of Term reports will be found here.

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