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Thiago Pontes, LGBTQIA+ Officer

LGBTQ+ Officer

Your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer + (LGBTQ+) Officer, is responsible for listening to and voicing the concerns and experiences of LGBTQ+ students on campus, supporting the Sabbatical Officers in lobbying for change.
Thiago Pontes, LGBTQIA+ Officer

hannah gillott (she/Her)

LGBTQ+ Officer

Get to know hannah

What I StudY

I'm in my final year studying politics and philosophy. 


The best part of my LSE experience so far has been being a part of the LSE Rejoin Stonewall campaign group, so I became LGBTQ+ officer so that I can continue fighting for the causes I believe in and also help more queer students at LSE to find their community like I did. 

What I’m looking to achieve this year

I want to promote radical visibility and acceptance throughout the student body with queer events, mental health support and activism. A strong queer presence on campus will motivate LSE to adequately recognise the needs of queer students, including rejoining Stonewall. 


Thiago, the 2020/21 LGBTQ+ Officer, created a guide for LGBTQIA+ Students at LSE. It contains guidance on how the School can support LGBTQIA+ students, how LSESU can support LGBTQIA+ students and advice for taking care of your mental, physical and sexual health.

Click here to read the LGBTQ+ Students Guide

End of Term reports

Hannah's End of Term report will be found here.

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