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Your LGBT+ Officer is responsible for listening to and voicing the concerns of LGBT+ students at LSE, working alongside the Sabbatical Officers to make positive change.
Thiago Pontes, LGBT+ Officer

Elisabeth Reinisch

LGBT+ Officer

Get to know Elisabeth

What I StudY

Psychological and Behavioural Science

How I was involved with LSESU before becoming an officer

Last year I joined (like most freshers) far too many societies! ?? The ones I was involved with most were Tedx, Drama, or the Modern Language Society, where I was a German language officer and was elected president for this year. I also really enjoyed being an SSLC rep and going to the Consultative forum and USSC!

What I’m looking to achieve this year

My goal is to increase visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community at LSE. To achieve this, I hope to highlight the voices and experiences of LGBTQIA+ students and staff, build community and hold the school accountable for policies that previous officers have already achieved.

One tip for making the most out of LSE

Don't try to be someone you're not just to fit in - there are so many societies and groups of people that will welcome you as you are!



Thiago, our previous LGBT+ Officer, created a guide for LGBTQ+ Students at LSE. It contains guidance on how the School can support LGBTQ+ students, how LSESU can support LGBTQ+ students and advice for taking care of your mental, physical and sexual health.

Click here to read the LGBTQ+ Students Guide


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