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Your LGBT+ Officer is responsible for listening to and voicing the concerns of LGBT+ students at LSE, working alongside the Sabbatical Officers to make positive change.
Thiago Pontes, LGBT+ Officer

Thiago Pontes

LGBT+ Officer


Get to know Thiago

What I StudY

International Social and Public Policy

How I was involved with LSESU before becoming an officer

Before my role as LGBT+ officer, I was involved in many LSESU societies and later on became a committee member of the LSESU Social Policy Society, for which I am Secretary.

What I’m looking to achieve this year

Although the disruption of COVID-19 impacted us as a student community and many of our plans for the next academic year, I am confident that with resilience we will be able to have a great time and still keep safe. I am looking forward to representing and connect with all the Queer community at LSE, and most importantly, implement my eight-step plan action, which I advocated in my manifesto.

One tip for making the most out of LSE

If I could give you one tip for making the most of LSE is be kind to yourself and others, enjoy your uni experience, and once we have a vaccine, I’ll see you in Heaven (if you know what I mean).


I have created a guide for LGBTQ+ Students at LSE. It contains guidance on how the School can support LGBTQ+ students, how LSESU can support LGBTQ+ students and advice for taking care of your mental, physical and sexual health.

Click here to read the LGBTQ+ Students Guide


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