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Your LGBTQIA+ Officer is responsible for listening to and voicing the concerns of LGBT+ students at LSE, working alongside the Sabbatical Officers to make positive change.
Thiago Pontes, LGBTQIA+ Officer


LGBTQIA+ Officer

Get to know ARYA

What I StudY

3rd year, BA History. 


I became a PTO to better serve my community at LSE this year, especially for international students like myself who are alien to London's LGBTQ+ scene! Becoming a PTO meant that I can help fellow students take advantage of all the resources and excitement that LSE and London has to offer for queer people.

What I’m looking to achieve this year

I hope to increase LGTBQ+ visibility on campus through engaging community initiatives, such as Pride Week, and tribute to LSE's own history and role within the wider British Gay Liberation Movement. I also hope to initiate several sexual and mental health support mechanisms, so every queer LSE student is safe and supported at university.

1. Increasing representation on campus 

  • Increase the number of gender-neutral toilets on campus 
  • Build a monument that pays homage to the Gay Liberation Front’s origins at LSE 
  • Produce a video series that highlights LGBTQIA+ students, alumni and staff on campus, and LSE’s queer history 
  • Promote modules related to gender identity and sexual orientation 
  • Decorate campus during Pride Month to celebrate queer visibility 

Building community 

  • Continue freshers’ week LGBTQIA+ events and Pride Week 

Securing support for queer students 

  • Ensure access to free contraceptives 
  • Establish a buddy scheme to help incoming freshers settle into university 
  • Expand the number of mental health counselling sessions and support available 


Thiago, our previous LGBTQIA+ Officer, created a guide for LGBTQIA+ Students at LSE. It contains guidance on how the School can support LGBTQIA+ students, how LSESU can support LGBTQIA+ students and advice for taking care of your mental, physical and sexual health.

Click here to read the LGBTQ+ Students Guide

End of Term reports

Arya's End of Term report will be found here.

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