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Sam Crutcher, Neurodivergent Students' Officer

Neurodivergent Students' Officer

The Neurodivergent Students’ Officer represents neurodivergent students at the LSE – they might lead campaigns, run events, or attend meetings to serve the interests of the students they represent.
Sam Crutcher, Neurodivergent Students' Officer

Sam Crutcher

Neurodivergent Students' Officer

Get to know Sam

What I Study

I study 'International social and public policy'. I hope my work in the LSESU can be the opportunity to really apply the abstract, academic coursework and make meaningful change, here and now for my fellow students!

How I was involved with LSESU before becoming an officer

I have engaged with LSE democracy a lot in 2021. In January and February, I designed, launched, and passed my own motion to establish the Neurodivergent officer position - and I got elected in April with 920 votes!! (Uncontested, but lets not dwell on this) I also held a neurodiversity week in my department last March - further neurodiversity activism is on its way. I perceived a lack of support & change for neurodivergents in LSE, so I decided to be that support & change.

What I’m looking to achieve this year

In my hustings, I stated that I want to stick dynamite underneath neurotypical complacency at LSE, and blow a hole in students' mind of what neurodiversity means. So watch out for my bombarding-of-visibility-campaigns as neurodivegent officer!

One tip for making the most out of LSE

If you sense a lack of support for students, and can't see any change at LSE to accommodate this, then please - be the change you desire!


End of Term reports

Read Sam's end of term report for Michaelmas Term here

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