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Welcome to LSE Darts!

No matter your experience, you can be sure to find a good time with the Darts Club. If you’ve shared the oche with the Power and are now looking for a serious challenge, our competitive fixture list in the SUDL singles should provide some excitement. If the only 180 you’ve got is the bus to your local pub, we also have a Social Membership that may be more suitable, including a monthly Darts night where all abilities are welcome.

We are looking to enter two competitive teams into the SUDL Regional League, with fixtures held throughout the year. Beyond these entirely sober trips across our green and pleasant nation, we will also be holding some of the best socials the SU has to offer. What lies at the heart of our Club is a jovial, relaxed environment where all are welcome to try their hand at the beautiful sport.

This year we want to expand our base as much as possible and lift Darts to the elite tier of LSE sports, in line with its standing on the national stage. We’re really excited to meet everyone at the Freshers Fair so make sure you pop over to our stall to have a quick chat about all things Fallon Sherrock.


LSE Darts has a two-tiered membership structure.

The Social Membership provides access to each of our friendly format Darts Nights, and it’s accompanying use of our Dartboards in the SU. You’ll also have access to our Socials that run throughout the year.

As a Competitive Member, you’ll also be able to participate on behalf of LSE at competitive fixtures with fellow universities, as well as the national Big Weekender, which promises to be the highlight of our Calendar. Your membership fee goes towards helping the Club coordinate match kits, fixtures and their associated travel costs, as well as ensuring the long term sustainability and health of LSE Darts.

Events and Activities

Darts Club will host a number of events, including Training on Wednesdays, competitive fixtures on Weekends, Darts Night, regular Club Socials and dinners, as well as more.

Contact Us

We're all so excited to welcome you to our Dance Family!

There are many ways to stay up to date with the latest events and to get in contact with us and other members of the club.

The Club Committee are really excited to welcome some fresh faces to the group. We want to make it as easy as possible to approach the team and find out more about our Club, so we’ve created a WhatsApp group that is dedicated to answering any questions you may have.

You can also drop us an email at or join our Facebook group.

Please get in touch with our President Shaan Amin or Vice-President Peter Laing via Facebook Messenger. They’ll respond straight away!