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LSE Athletics & Running group

Football - Men's

LSEFC is the pride of the AU. With seven competitive teams boasting a history of silverware, a dedicated member base, and a sought-after culture, the FC is an essential part of the LSE experience.

Welcome to the LSE Men’s Football Club. Whether you play at a competitive level, just for fun or to be a part of our social community, this is the club for you.

On the Pitch 

Despite being a small uni, Men’s Football have seven teams that all compete twice every week. Each of our teams differs in quality, allowing us to provide for all abilities of players and sustain our large member base. Among our ranks, we have players who have competed at the national level in their respective home countries as well as locally for Sunday league teams. We have a lot of talent in our club, but we also enthusiastically welcome those who have only ever played casually.

Our Games kick off at 2pm Wednesday and Saturday, with home matches played at the Berrylands. Most of our teams only play against London universities with the the top 4 teams playing in leagues that cover the South East of the country.

Off the Pitch

While football is a vital aspect of our club, the social element is unrivalled. Due to our welcoming culture and atmosphere, we regularly have a big turnout on our Wednesday night socials, which our members widely regard as the highlight of their week. When you join our club, you join a group of friendly, funny and interesting guys who will welcome and integrate you immediately. No other club at LSE has such a tight-knit group on such a large scale, and this is what makes it such a great club to be a part of. You will have a broad range of events and activities to look forward to throughout the year including pub quiz nights, team socials, various ridiculous dress-up nights, casual 5-a-side, AU Ball, charity campaigns, pub golf, darts night, curry nights, just to name a few and of course the legendary CAROL. Each night then ends with a trip to Sway, LSE’s sports night venue.

‘Stand by me’

 Stand by me, by Oasis, the Men’s Football club anthem pays homage to the late Michael Griffith, LSE Club Captain 03/04, who sadly passed in a car crash a month after graduating. The song now gets belted at socials to commemorate such an amazing person. Look forward to that one!


There are two membership options;

Football Member - £110

 - 85% Reimbursement of match day travel. Matches tend to be on the outskirts of London so you will make your membership back by the send of Winter Term

  • BUCS league and cup matches
  • Men’s FC Wednesday socials
  • The stash shop
  • Access to domestic and international tour

Social Member - £20

  • Men’s FC Wednesday socials
  • The stash shop
  • Access to domestic and international tour

Please do not buy a membership until you have been admitted into a team

Contact Us

You can contact us on:




Welcome to the 2023/24 AU page. 


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We hope you are all looking forward to this year’s Golden Era!