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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Welfare and Liberation Officer

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Sarah Onifade

Democratise Decolonise Deliver !

About Me

You might know me from being a Gym Assistant at the LSESU Gym, a peer supporter, an ACS committee member, a Student Volunteer Ambassador, a Founder of the LSESU student campaign Uplift Black Students, Taekwondo or being the president of the newly revived Loose TV Network – and oh being a 2nd year international relations student


I will work to add transparency to key areas of student life. 

  • Student Q&A with Heads of the Student Union – not Town Halls 

  • Student Q&A with LSE Wellbeing Team 

  • Make sure that all Sabbatical officers have a Postgraduate liaison to increase the representation of postgraduate students. 


I will work to make LSE a place for all. 

  • Let’s make our student union an actual student union – relocate careers and use the 5th as a liberation space to celebrate marginalised groups & student campaigning

  • Develop an online and in person Culture workshop to fight all forms of racism & discrimination. 


I will work on initiatives students want. 

  • Nap & Sensory deprivation room - get those beanbags back 

  • Lobby for microwaves & kettles in every departmental common room 

  • Work with London sabbatical officers to lobby for transportation discounts for students. 

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