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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Activities and Communities Officer

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Cathy ZHOU

Vote for Cathy, Chill and trustworthy! Inform. Encourage. Engage.

Hi, I'm Cathy, a 2nd year Maths and Econ student. I'm also:

I believe my previous leadership/organising/logistics experiences and passion for inclusivity/sports/socials can make LSE a FUN place, and improve your student experiences.


My goals:

  1. Informative and concise LSE Clubs&Societies' activities/socials overview tables in newsletters so you don't miss out!
  2. FREE sports drop-in sessions & gear rental in Marshall targeting underrepresented groups (make better use of school facilities and ensure that they benefit ALL students, including and especially women)
  3. Bigger Varsity with more London schools (including both 1st teams and beginners divisions)
  4. UG/PG/Alumni social and sports events e.g. ReAUnion in Sway and department social in Marshall G floor
  5. Small things to make your life easier - e.g. microwaves on the Ground floor in school buildings
  6. Carry on ALL current events you are enjoying in LSE forward e.g. more funding for ALL, support RAG etc.

Read more about how I will implement them on Instagram @cathy_for_activities. Feel free to DM with any questions about my platform!


Please vote Cathy as your #1 ACO.xx

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