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Candidate for the position of International Students' Officer



Here to *serve* your interest

Hi! I'm Paul, from Thailand; currently in 2nd Year of Politics & IR degree.

Want to know why you should vote for me to be your International Relations' Officer? - Let me make my case...

It goes without saying that international students form integral part of LSE community. We are, quite literally, the majority. To represent such diverse student body, with my experience as peer supporter and treasurer for Political Risks society, I will:

  • maintain openness and receptiveness. Through regular surveys and monthly forums, all of you can then directly make suggestions and raise issues you’d like represented. I would then liaise with the SU and Executive Committee to make real changes;

  • vouch for matters that we care about! For us international students, we have much to consider: settling into life in London, post-uni prospects, visa, so-on-and-so-forth. I would collaborate with Executive Committee to liaise with careers team, wellbeing and residential services, and other relevant departments to launch tailored, inclusive support programmes. Namely: visa guidance, employability workshops, discussion sessions about seeking accommodation, campaigns for departments increase bursaries for languages and wellbeing, and many more!

  • ensure inter-society collaboration, especially between national and cultural societies, to bolster the sense of unity among all international students. Through joint socials, and celebrations of heritage to exchange and exhibit international arts and gastronomy.

I sincerely wish to serve as your Officer, to revitalise the representation of international students at the LSE, once and for all!

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