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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer

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Bukky Oseni

BAME with an AIM

Hi, I’m Bukky Oseni, a Nigerian student currently living her best life in London.

These are my three aims:

  1. Create an international day event to celebrate the diversity at LSE: Food from different cultures will be served, people will be encouraged to wear their cultural attire, and there would be different competitions and learning opportunities for everyone.
  2. Have monthly forums where students can talk freely about issues affecting minority groups at LSE and create ideas together that tackle this problem. Students will also be able to submit complaints anonymously if they prefer to do so.
  3. Increase communication with other London universities by having regular meetings with minority officers from surrounding schools to increase networking opportunities for students at LSE by creating more UOL social events.

As the events officer in my previous school, I had the opportunity of organising a lot of exciting events for students and outside of my role, I organised meetings with members of staff to ensure students’ needs where met.

I would love to use my previous experience to promote inclusion and awareness and celebrate the different cultures at LSE!  

If you have any questions contact me via email:

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