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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Education Officer



Hey Siri, who should be LSE Education Officer? YOU, SIRI!

Revamp -  Course Content, Selection and Evaluation

  • Ensure that the learning is contemporary, global and experiential in nature
  • Ensure that there is no repetition of content in different modules
  • Removal of capped elective system and making few compulsory courses optional.
  • Ensure access to class recording beyond the official end
  • Avoid 100% and closed book exams
  • Extend submission deadlines on mental health and religious grounds


Enrich -  Classroom Experience and Academic Culture

  • Empower disabled and neurodiversity students with personalized and accessible support
  • Strive towards greater infrastructure consistency across departments
  • Establish better coordination between seminar leaders and course instructors
  • Formulate a uniform policy on strike reimbursement across the departments
  • Create an inclusive class room experience where every voice is heard


 Build  - Careers and Connections

  • Urge all the departments to have exclusive career services
  • Create opportunities for interdepartmental and intradepartmental peer to peer discussions on career plans
  • Improve career services for mid-career, public sector and non-consultancy job applicants
  • Increase part time research opportunities and awareness about the same
  • Strive towards creating collaboration with International Organizations and Alumni for guaranteed internship opportunities


Siri will always listen, but to give her the platform-  vote #1 SIRI for Education.

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