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Candidate for the position of Environment & Ethics Officer



For ClimateJustice@LSE, Stand with SaskiaMarie!

My motivation for this role will always be supporting and empowering students in the fight for climate and social justice. While this year I have been able to support many initiatives and have successfully started my own (e.g. fighting for a SustainabilityConsultation rather than top-down decisions), much remains:

  • Continue to fight for student involvement, transparency, accountability, and urgency in LSE's sustainability decisions, by pushing the School to implement a monitoring Committee open for students across LSE, particularly interest groups such as the Climate Emergency Collective and Decolonising the LSE Group 
  • Work on behalf of students who have brought environmental and ethical issues to the forefront of SU work (Climate Emergency Declaration and Banning Beef motion)
  • Improve the Environmental Hub which launches at the end of this year 
  • Oversee the MT launch of the ‘Leaf Awards‘ which encourage and reward societies’ environmental efforts
  • Another successful Green Week with involvement around the School!!! 


International Development, Energy, Marine, Muay Thai, Beekeeping, Geography & Environment, Green Finance, Snow, Sustainable Futures, EcoSoc, Lacrosse, Jewish, Entrepreneurs, Food Cycle, Animal, Ultimate Frisbee