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Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Officer

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Max Schachermayer

For an inclusive community!

My goal is to create a more inclusive LSE community by acting on the issues you care about. After speaking to many members of our community in the past few weeks, these will be my first (certainly not last) plans of action: 

  1. Create an LGBT+ scholarship: I'll work together with the scholarship office and external donors to empower LGBT+ students facing socio-economic hardship at LSE.
  2. Increase LGBT-specific mental health support: Make sure that our counselling service is trained on the issues that affect us in particular.
  3. Express solidarity with all members of our community: Especially as a cis man, I will push for greater collaborations to make vulnerable LGBT+ folks feel heard. 
  4. Empower LGBT+ students in the professional services: As the UK campus ambassador for Out 4 Undergrad, I want to strengthen the conversation with successful role models that are out and proud while kicking ass in competitive careers!



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