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Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Kashvi Gandhi

For, By, and Of the students!

LSE is a great institution to be a part of and I wish to improve the experience for all the current and incoming females. I wish to use my time as your Women’s Officer in addressing the following agendas:


CONNECT: developing pathways of reaching me directly. Let your voice be heard through exclusive feedback units.

DIVERSITY: LSE is known by “Diversity”. Time to change it to “Unity in Diversity”!

OPPORTUNITITES: Creating more avenues for women to be involved in LSE Community and allocating special resources to follow their dreams.

FESTIVALS: Organising a spectacular International Women’s Week at LSE to celebrate the females of LSE and promoting Fempreneurs.

NETWORKING: Connecting females at LSE via a single platform so that we can all grow together.

WORKING BEYOND LSE: Collaborating with other charities.

ESSENTIALS: Campaigning for distributing free menstrual products in all the restrooms across LSE.

ACCESSIBILITY: Promoting gender-specific scholarships.


India, Hindu, Entrepreneurs,