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Candidate for the position of Athletics Union Executive



Vote Bron J-T, your MVP!

Sport has always been massive for me and this hasn’t changed at LSE. If anything, it has only become more important given that my uni life revolves around the AU. I fully understand how being involved in the AU and having the opportunity to play sport weekly keeps us happy and sane.  Most of my friendships started playing rugby at Berry's, chatting (or shouting after 8pm) over a pint at Tuns or working at the gym - not to forget Zoo…


After two years, I know how good the AU can be however I also now have clear ideas of the ways in which we can make it so much better. As a part of your AU exec I will be able to:


  • Increase interactions between clubs.
  • Ensure women find strength and purpose through sport.
  • Continue to improve events since they are often the highlights of the year!


Geography & Environment, Debate, Netball, Kitesurfing, Women in Business, Food Cycle, Dance, Men’s Rugby, Hockey,