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Democratic Student Wins: Summer Ball, More Microwaves, Banning Beef and more...

LSE students are awesome. And we don’t even need you to believe us, because year after year, students are proving it themselves, through achieving incredible wins and outstanding achievements here at LSE and beyond. This time, we’re going to be focusing on the democratic wins by our students, and how they’ve successfully navigated LSESU’s democratic processes, to create permanent changes at the school.

That’s right, here at LSESU, we can help you amplify your voices, address your concerns and represent your interests to the LSE Directorate. You can make things happen, BIG things happen, and it all starts with an idea. Peaked your interest yet? Keep reading…

Union General Meetings (UGMs) are a fantastic opportunity for you to have your say on the student experience at LSE. Last year had seen some incredible wins from the student body, and with so many of you getting involved we know that this year will have even bigger and better things in store! Have a read of some of our highlights below:

Win no. 1: More Microwaves

Living in London can get pretty pricey, all those pret lunches start to add up after a while! That's why one of our students, Lucy Morpurgo, put forward a motion to increase the number of microwaves on campus, giving more students the option to bring in their own food.

Win no. 2: Banning Beef

The motion to ban beef, led by student Phoebe Woodruff, saw a large amount of engagement across the student body. The motion saw 242 students vote in favour, and garnered support from external organisations such as PETA. Students saw this motion as an extension of the work that LSE is already doing to increase sustainability on campus, including phasing out single-use plastics and encouraging recycling. 

Win no. 3: Summer Ball

Although COVID-19 has unfortunately got in the way of our summer LSE celebration, students made history last year when campaigning for LSE’s first ever Summer Ball. William Stein, the motion’s proposer, wanted to increase a sense of unity across the LSE community. We are hoping to see this event take place in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled!

Win no. 4: Mental Health Reform

After a successful week of events for Freedom of Mind LSE, Ella Roper-Marshall decided to put forward a motion to improve mental health wellbeing at LSE. This included introducing Pastoral Mentors as well as Academic Mentors, improving wait times for counselling services, and encouraging more community projects to facilitate personal development.


Do you have an idea or a change you want to see in the LSE community? You can find out more about UGMs here! The possibilities are endless, and your Union is on hand to help you develop your ideas into reality.

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