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There's a WHAT Society?! The niche societies you didn't know LSESU had...

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At LSESU, we are truly blessed - and we’re about to tell you why. At the heart of our 250 societies are a range of incredibly enthusiastic students, who invest time in their studies and career (like all LSE students!), but also manage to find time to build communities with other students that share the same interests. It’s safe to say, our students are pretty awesome.

Joining a society is a great way to make friends, and that doesn’t just go for LSE! Statistics show that students who are a part of a sports club or society, have a better time at University compared with those who haven’t. We don’t exactly have a reference for you on this, but let’s get real - we don’t really need one. All you have to do is speak to a LSESU club or society member, and you’ll see why this sounds completely accurate to us! 

The Societies at LSESU are known for their world leading events, unforgettable activities and charitable natures, but there is SO much more to the 250 Societies at LSESU than this. Our societies are split into different categories, and today we’re going to be opening your eyes to the wonderful world of our LSESU Activity & Special Interest Societies.

Before we continue...

We (LSE Students’ Union) are working with the School on the safe return to campus for all of our students. This includes re-working and adjusting our programmes, our initiatives, our ways of working and our different spaces. To make this as safe as is possible, it’s going to take a little bit of time. We will also be taking into account any changes in Government guidance that occur between now and September.

Our LSESU Societies are undertaking similar practices, looking at how they can execute their events, iniatives, socials and activities in the safest way possible for their members. This may mean the vast majority of activities are digital, but there could also be possibilities for physical participation providing it is in line with the reccomended guidance. All of their activities will be subject to changes based on the most up-to-date advice and reccomendations from LSESU, the School and the Government. 

This means that some of the activities referenced below could be subject to change. Any updates will be cited on their relevant web pages, so keep regular tabs on society webpages and social media channels for their respective updates. One of the best ways to stay updated with general information about Welcome and your arrival is by signing up to our Welcome Mailing list by clicking here.

LSESU's Activity & Special Interest Societies

Now, some of you may look at the list of these societies and think...”Well, I’ve never even heard of this?”. And we get that, we do. BUT, there may be some of you who realise that there are actually others out there who also enjoy your niche interest! If the latter is you, let’s just say, you may have already found your place in a community at University. 

So…What Activity and Special Interest societies are we talking about then? Well, we currently have over 30 to choose from - but new societies are made every year by students, so this number could rise! 

If you’re someone who really appreciates experimenting with your drinks, we have the Bacchus Wine, Cocktail, Coffee or Tea society to choose from. Better make sure you arrive at any virtual or physical socials parched, as we're pretty sure we know what may be on the agenda!

Or maybe you like to spend your free time competing in gaming competitions or just playing them at your leisure? Then you can choose from Chess, Tabletop Games, Mahjong, or Quiz club - just to name a few. 

If these aren't quite the special interest hobby you had in mind, our students also like to spend time challenging themselves in the different areas they’re passionate about. They hold debates and talks on current affairs with other institutions across the country. Our TEDxLSE society is known for their panel events and conferences, including their TEDxWomenLSE Conference.

LSE are renowned for the keeping of two beehives right here on campus, and our Beekeeping society is lucky to get hands-on experience working towards maintaining the hive and protecting the bees. Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve watched our beloved bees’ cameo in the Netflix’ Documentary ‘Down To Earth’? Yeah that’s right, we fancy. 

And there you have it! A whistle-stop tour of some of our Activity & Special Interest societies. If you are looking to join a Society, memberships have now launched for this year and you can purchase your membership by clicking here.

There is no limit to the type of societies that LSESU has, so if you can’t find the special interest society to match your niche, then there’s always room for you to start your own! It’s super easy, all you have to do is follow the instructions here.