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A student is sat looking stressed over the problems they have with their landlord

Landlord Problems

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Your landlord is responsible for ensuring your property is fit to live in. The more serious the problem, the quicker the repairs need to be. This can be frustrating, as smaller issues can take a long time to resolve.

What can you do?

It can be tempting to threaten to withhold rent as a way of forcing your landlord or property agent to carry out the repairs, but we do not recommend doing this. Your duty to pay rent is separate to their duty to carry out repairs. By not paying rent, you are leaving yourself open to being evicted.

We would suggest keeping in constant contact with the landlord and keep reminding them that the work still has not been carried out. We would also suggest making sure you take photographs of the problem and ensuring that all communication you have with the landlord or agent is written down. If the repairs continue to not be fixed, it is worth finding the relevant formal complaints procedure and submitting a complaint.

For more detailed information, see the Shelter guide to landlords and repairs.

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