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Privacy Notice

LSESU Student Check-in project Privacy Notice

Last updated 19 February 2021

Your experience at LSE is important and we hope,that despite everything, you are still excited about your degree and studying at LSE. 

London School of Economics Students' Union (LSESU) is introducing Student check-ins so you can talk to someone and tell them how you are doing. Following the call, we’ll put you in touch with any relevant support services with the organisation and at LSE

The statement below details about what data we’re going to be collecting from you and how we’re going to use it.  

Our check-in calls are running for the duration of Lent Term 2021

Firstly, you will receive an email from LSE Students’ Union about the calls. We receive your data from the University as part of our membership duty to you, and we’ll use the email address we have from your student record to send you this email. If you don’t want to receive any further emails from us about this project, you can opt-out by clicking the link at the bottom of the email.  

You’ll be called by a member of the SU staff who will ask you some questions about the following: 

  • What you think about your course 

  • What you think about University and your experience so far 

  • What you know about all the University’s services 

  • How you feel about continuing on at University this year 


Before you’re asked these questions, we’ll ask your permission to record your answers. You are able to say no and still have the check-in call, and any follow-up assistance. If you say yes, your answers will be recorded by our staff members.

Reporting about the project that is made public will be anonymised versions of the data collected – no student will be identifiable. LSESU will then keep this data on file for three years before we destroy it.  

After the call, you can contact us at to delete, edit or recall your data. You can opt-out of check-ins entirely here

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, you can contact our Data Protection Officer who will get back to you.

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