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The Students' Union Fund is centred around four pillars: Wellbeing, Inclusion, Sustainability and Education (W.I.S.E.). It is open to all LSE Students to apply for.

Participation Fund

 suf - participation fund 


Getting involved with LSESU helps you make the most of your time as a student here. The Participation Fund exists to remove financial barriers to participation by covering the costs of activities within the LSESU



The Participation Fund is a means tested fund and comes from the same pot of money as the Students’ Union Fund. It is designed to provide financial assistance to students who can’t afford to take part in extra-curricular activities run by LSESU. These activities will often be led by clubs and societies however we will consider any LSESU activity that would have a positive impact on your student experience.

who can apply?

Any currently registered LSE student on an undergraduate or postgraduate course (Summer School students are unfortunately not eligible).

What are the criteria?

There is flexibility within the criteria, however, we expect applicants to be able to answer and provide proof to the 4 following questions:

  1. Is the activity affiliated with the SU? (non-flexible)
    • Only applications to participate to activities related to the LSESU will be reviewed. If the claim for funding is related to any other personal activity, outside of the LSESU range of activities, please apply for the SUF.
  2. Why the participation can’t be afforded? 
    • This will have to be justified through an up-to-date bank statement for the last month and for all accounts you hold (including overseas and savings accounts). An outline of your current (and expected) income might also be asked.
  3. How will the activity have a positive impact on the university experience? 
    • Benefits to participation can be multiple, from personal development to community building (please refer to the W.I.S.E. criteria described on the SUF main page) - a wide range of LSESU activities are covered. It is upon the applicant to explain and justify how the activity would add to their experience at LSE.
  4. Why the amount requested?
    • Evidence of the activity’s costs will have to be provided to justify the amount requested. If applying for money to purchase an item, evidence should be provided to prove good value (e.g. by price comparison or advice from expert).


how much can be claimed?

Applicants can receive up to £500 per academic year (if the request is above £500, it will be recommended to apply for the SUF). If a request is made for £50 or under, no bank statement or any personal details related to your own finances will be asked, however, the decision will still be made upon the answers provided to the 4 questions asked in the criteria section.

Important information:

Please note, the main purpose of this fund is to support LSE students who are financially struggling, and therefore not able to afford to participate to an LSESU sport or activity. If the amount applied for includes the purchase of some item(s) “considered necessary” for the good practice of the mentioned activity, you will be asked to justify why this purchase is necessary, and it will be recommended to consider the least expensive option. The decision-making panel retains the right to evaluate and determine a fair price for any purchase related to the activity mentioned in each application. Consequently, the decision-making panel also retains the right to approve a lower amount than is requested. If none, or only part of the amount claimed is granted, the reasons why will be explained in a feedback email sent within 10 working days following the Panel’s decision.


How to apply?

Simple! By following the link at the bottom of the page (button "APPLY HERE"), completing the Participation Fund application form, and submitting it along with the following evidence (also detailed on the application form):

  1. A copy of the last month’s bank statements, for all accounts you own (including overseas)
  2. The evidence of the cost of the activity in question (e.g., screenshot of a website or a copy of an email with the organiser)

Important information:

  • All applications are treated sensitively and in confidence
  • It is important to inform the funds coordinator of your full circumstances
  • If you can’t provide any of the documents requested to prove your financial situation, please contact the funds coordinator to explain the reasons and see how to proceed otherwise
  • All cases are judged on their individual merit


What happens next?

After reviewing the submitted application and ensuring that it is conformed to the criteria and that all the documents requested are provided, the funds coordinator will present it to the SUF Panel members for consideration. The Panel will make a decision over one of the fortnightly meetings organised for this purpose. Subsequently, the funds coordinator will inform the applicant of the Panel’s decision, or any further actions needed. Awards are paid via a BACS payment and can take up to 10 working days to process, once all the requested documents are approved.


who to contact for help/information?

The funds coordinator is the main LSESU staff member to contact for any queries related to the application.

Here is the email address:

Apply here

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