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Student Group COVID Guidance

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the student community and we understand this is a scary time for many. Being a committee member can be tough enough without factoring in a pandemic so we have pulled together guidance to support you.

This page is regularly updated by the Societies & Sports Team to provide you guidance, information, resources and links to external support so your student group can continue to operate around the evolving COVID-19 Pandemic. If you have any questions about any of the content on this, please email

It is important for our committee members to understand that the guidance we provide on our services is led by a combination of: Government Guidance, LSE Rulings and Expectations, Student Feedback and what the Union deems safe and appropriate. If you feel that the guidance below is not inline with what you think you should/could do regarding your student activities, please contact either the Societies Manager or the Sports Manager to discuss your groups position.

Update on Student Group Processes', Procedures & Services

Last Updated: 5th December 2021

LSESU COVID-19 Guidance & Information

Students' Union Updates - Services & Support Page

LSE COVID-19 Guidance & Information

Student Guidance

Staff Guidance

Returning to Campus Plan

LSE's COVID-19 Resource Center & Social Impact Work

Director's COVID-19 Blog

LSE Events Public Lecture Programme contains a wide range of events surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on the world that is available to LSE students to attend. 


A number of our regular staff team are rotating on furlough during this period to ensure we can balance Union spends, sustainability and service to students. Please see the status of staff availability below:

  • Societies Manager - Connar Walford - Working Full Time
  • Sports Manager - Grace Clarke - Working Full Time
  • Societies Coordinator - Natasha Mann - Working Full Time
  • Societies Coordinator - Sian Kincaide - Working Full Time
  • Funds & Events Support Coordinator - Vacant Post (Unavailable)
  • Sports Coordinator - Vacant Post (Unavailable)


We aim to respond to emails within a 5 working day time frame due to the current pandemic and a reduced staff capacity.

We advise you contact us on our central inbox -

You are still welcome to contact staff directly, but please check above regarding staff availability

Meetings & Drop In's

We are still able to provide meetings with our groups. Our drop in service is suspended until our staffing resource returns to normal.

To book in a meeting with the team, please email the member of staff you want support from with the following information:

  • Your Society/Club
  • Description of your query
  • Your LSE email address & Name
  • Times you are available over the next 48 hours for a 15 minute phone call between 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday

The team will aim to get back to you within a working day to arrange a virtual meeting with you via Zoom.

To book a development meeting please see more information here


We are unable to provide support via telephone calls at the moment and please note our office numbers will not be answered.

Your Accounts & Spending

Clubs and Societies may still continue to view their accounts using the Expense 365 app. They may also continue to spend from their accounts during this period for planning activities in Michaelmas Term - Whether they are digital or physical.

Expense 365 App

The Sports and Societies Teams are still processing expenses submitted via Expense365 on a daily basis. And our regular timeline for receiving your funds is the same. More information on downloading the app and processing timelines.

Submitting Paper Expenses - Used for International Bank Accounts & Expenses over £500

The Sports and Societies Teams are still processing expenses submitted via the payment request form on a daily basis. And our regular timeline for receiving your funds is the same. More information on downloading the app and processing timelines.

You can submit a completed payment request form by email to Please ensure your payment request form has a signature of the treasurer, and has proof of purchase also attached in the email to spend up the process.

Submitting Invoices for Payment

The Sports and Societies Teams are still processing invoices on a daily basis, please just email them to Once approved by us, we will pass them to finance for payment within the regular payment timeframe.


Our clubs and societies are still encouraged to seek and secure sponsorship for the coming year and your annual large events. We will update our contract template soon to include guidance on cancellations related to COVID, until then this can be negotatied between your group and your sponsor. Please submit your contracts through the portal in the normal process. This portal is checked weekly on a Monday and you will get an email to let you know it has been signed.

Funding Pots

All of the funding pots within the Union are currently operating within thier own service. To check whether you can apply or whether the funds are open, please see the funding page.

Fundraising In-Person - Bucket Collections & Events

At the moment, In-line with Government Guidance we would not approve an event which includes bucket collections or an in-person fundraising event.

We know groups consistently request the use of card readers so, over the summer we may look into how we can enable contactless card fundraising for the next academic year if resource is available. If you have any ideas or experience in this, please contact us at

Cash Counting & Bucket Drops

At the moment, we cannot accept the dropping off of buckets filled with collected money and we will not handle any collected cash.

Fundraising Digitally

Where possible, we advise you fundraise using online platforms. We have not got any specific guidance around this yet, but aim to release some as soon as possible. If you have fundraised using an online platform, please let us know at so, we can log this.

Competitions & BUCS:

BUCS have released a statement and information page which outlines that there will be no competitive season in Michaelmas Term. The plan is that if things return to normal, the competitive season will run January to April 2021.

Booking Your Facilities & Coaches:

When booking your facilities we advise that you only book on a termly basis at the most. Where possible 1 or 2 month bookings would be advisable to allow more flexiblility if parts of london go into local lockdown. Also when negotiating or receiving booking agreements for spaces, ensuring that the cancellation policy is COVID proof. For support on this, please email our Sport and Recreation Manager, Grace Clare on

When booking your coaches, it is important to clarify with them that at the point of local lockdown restrictions coming into effect, you may not need them for thier regular hours and reminding them that .

Being Flexible about in-person activities

The guidance above regarding planning for the future, may lead to disappointment. You may need to cancel in-person activities at short notice, or transititon them to digital events. We are in the process of creating guidance on transitioning events & activities from physical to digital. Check back soon.

Booking & Using the Old Gym & Badminton Courts

At the moment, the old gym and badminton court is closed because we cannot allow the use of the space safely within the COVID restrictions

We will use the Government Guidance and LSE's information to decide whether our clubs are able to use the space again. Once the Union decides the space is able to be used again we will contact all clubs to let them know and update our committee hubs page with next steps and further information.

Booking Berrylands

You can discuss what bookings you would like to make for Michaelmas Term with Steve Butter, Head Groundsman, on Please bare in mind, Steve will need a copy of your Union approved risk assessment and then may ask you to add futher risk mitigiation actions to it, inline with LSE's policies for using the spaces at Berryland.


From 29th March, the Government will allow outdoor sports facilities to reopen, such as tennis and basketball courts. Formally organised outdoor sports can also restart and will not be subject to the gatherings limits but should be compliant with guidance issued by national governing bodies.

Therefore, unless your activity is a formally organised outdoor sport e.g. a Football fixture, it must follow the government guidance from 29th March, that people should gather in groups of no larger than six people outdoors and adhering to social distancing, remains.

Each LSESU club must only return to outdoor sporting activity when they have the appropriate measures in place as developed by the NGB/ government guidance and an up to date COVID-19 plan and risk assessment that has been approved by the SU prior to activity.

The SU team are here to support you and your planned activities for the rest of the year, but we need to know what you're planning to support you to do this. And we need to ensure all activity is in line with government guidance and safe for all students involved.

Next Steps

- Ensure your current risk assessment is up to date with current guidance and if not, please update and resubmit via the Committee Hub on LSESU website for approval.

- Every club must have a COVID officer. Please update with contact details if this student role has changed.

- Ensure you are fully aware of your NGB guidance on returning to outdoor activity safely.

- Keep us informed! Email with as much information as possible on your plans from 29th March onwards with the activity you plan to run and any other relevant information.

At the moment, this service is currently unavailable as campus is closed. Once we re-open we will provide further information and guidance on how you can book and use our sheffield street stalls safely.

Due to the current National Lockdown, no trips are allowed to take place.

We had a trip planned, which we now need to cancel. What should we do?

Below is a list of steps and things you need to consider if you have had to cancel a planned trip for your student group:

  • Check the Terms and Conditions of any bookings you have including written contracts, service level agreements, booking form and agreements before contacting them for a refund or information.
  • If your trip has been cancelled because of Coronavirus we advise you contact your supplier to enquire about their refund policy, baring in mind each supplier may be different you may be able to get a refund, or rebook. Due to the pandemic, most companies have made special changes to booking procedures even if before they were non-refundable, so make sure you check in with them.
  • If you need support negotiating with suppliers, please contact us on and a member of the team will be able to assist you.
  • We can action refunds as long as it does not send your group into debt, please contact us on for more information.
  • Make sure any decisions you make to rebook or cancel that you inform and listen to your participants.
  • The Union's Insurance would not cover a trip cancelled because of COVID, please advise individuals to contact their personal insurance companies.

We have a trip planned/want to plan a trip within the UK during Michaelmas Term, what should we do?

We will review Trip Forms and Requests for Trips within the UK on a case by case basis throught out Michaelmas Term inline with government measures

With the assumption of measures easing here is our advise if you would still like to plan a trip incase the easing of measures:

  • Ensure any contractual bookings/agreements you make with suppliers have clear and robust cancellation causes in light of COVID, these have to be submitted to the Union to be signed.
  • Explain clearly to participants that the University, Union or Society do not provide insurance for their trip, and they are going to find it difficult to find an insurance company that will provide them with robust insurance during the pandemic. Please direct them to the latest government guidance.
  • Ensure that your risk assessment includes COVID risk management steps. We have guidance to help you with this.
  • Please refer to governments guidance on UK travel and transport for lastest advice when planning.

Overall, we would not advise groups to plan any kind of trip in the UK within Michaelmas term to go above and beyond safety precautions.

We have a trip planned/ want to plan a trip to an international destination during Michaelmas Term, what should we do?

We advise any group against planning an international trip in Michaelmas Term, due to the difficulty surrounding the pandemic. If you would like to discuss this in more depth, please contact the Societies or Sports Teams on and one of the management team will schedule a meeting with you.

Please refer to the Governments latest Guidance on overseas travel

We had a trip planned in the Uk or internationally for Lent Term, what should we do?

We anticipate the range of international destinations and modes of transport available to our students groups will be significantly reduced across the whole academic year. All groups and students will need to adhere to individual countries’ and regions’ guidance regarding social distancing.

Because of the constantly changing situation around coronavirus, we advise you to think about the follow:

  • Use the Trip Planning Page to make sure you have the basics of your trip planned.
  • Please refer to the Governments latest Guidance on overseas travel.
  • Make sure you regularly check travel advice for the region you are visiting.
  • Question whether it is worth visiting if you have to quarantine when you get there on the other side.
  • Insurance for your members may be difficult to obtain, and if they cannot we advise they do not travel. More information the impact of COVID on travel isurance can be found here.
  • Ensure any contractual bookings/agreements you make with suppliers have clear and robust cancellation causes in light of COVID, these have to be submitted to the Union to be signed.

Planning In-Person Indoor Society Events: Michaelmas Term

Current Guidance

Current Guidance states that you cannot meet socially indoors, anywhere unless you are from the same household or support bubble. Therefore a decision has been taken that no society events can take place indoors or in LSE/LSESU rooms. We advise if necessary you can consider running your event outdoors, using the guidance below, or to have your event online.

Planning In-Person & Outdoor Society Events

With guidance changing regularly, it is important to follow the below guidance when planning societies events. We are consistently in contact with LSE and Public Health England whilst designing this guidance.

Whilst we want to support as many societies to plan and deliver their events, it is important to know that we are a charity and not a Higher Education Institution such as the school, therefore they may be legal nuances in decision making about whether the Union will approve or reject an event proposal from a group. However we are committed to work with groups to use creativity in the delivery of activities that fit within the law and are safe.

  • The latest Government Guidance allows for small groups of up to 6 individuals to meet socially and no more. This means societies cannot deliver in-person events in a normal way.
  • Most external venues of hire are closed, but if they are not, we would not advise for groups to hold an event off campus.
Make Your You Submit Your Event Form Here

Planning Events In-Person: Michaelmas Term

We want to support groups to plan their events throughout the term but you need to be realistic about whether it is going to be possible. You cannot have more than 6 people together in one space. Please think about the below points:

  • Go Digital: We advise committees to ask this question - does this event need to be in person? and if not try it digitally first!
  • Size/Attendees: Consider your realistic capacities as Government Guidance may impact this - Don't plan too big. The Government has already said no mass gatherings for the rest of the year.
  • Booking Spaces: Use the guidance below for booking your room. Where possible we advise to deliver your event on campus to reduce students need to travel.
  • Contracts & Cancellations: If you have an event off campus and there is a contract/agreement invovled, make sure you negotiate on the cancellation clause to lower your financial risk. We will provide further guidance on this soon.
  • Risk Assessments: Make sure your risk assessment includes COVID safety measures. We are creating guidance on this soon.
  • Lets get creative: You can’t have 60 people playing chess in the same room, but you can have 10 rooms of up to 6 players in each room. You can deliver you events but you need to do it in a creative way.
  • COVID Local Lockdown: Be prepared if restrictions get tighter again - Use our transitioning events guide (Coming Soon)
  • The Basics: Take all the normal steps in planning your event using our Events planning page
  • Help: We have adapted all policies to be supported for both in-person and digital events - if you are not sure on anything just ask.
  • Public Events: LSE are not allowing any large events or public events on campus during Michaelmas Term at the moment.
  • Services: Be aware that some services may not be operating or available such as catering, AV, Security etc.

Think innovatively, we will encourage and work with all groups who want to adapt their activities. An example: If you are a group who have regular weekly meets, such a book club, gaming etc, you could form 'bubbles' of members, and book rooms for those smaller bubbles to still meet regularly on campus at the same time. Talk to us and room bookings about making it happen.

School Update:

LSE has taken the desicison that they will not be holding any public events on campus in Lent Term and this extends to Societies who hold events on campus. This means you cannot host a large public confence.

Planning Small - Medium Events In-Person: Lent Term

There is an assumption that everything may return to closer normal after Christmas, and that you may be able to plan your events normally, even the large ones. We advise groups to be planning for their large events as soon as possible but with contingencies in place. Use some of the below advise to plan:

  • Structure: Make a plan, but regularly review it regarding the size. Always follow the government guidance
  • Tickets: If you start selling tickets early, ensure that you notify members you may have to cancel on them/refund the ticket. Or release batches based on size of allowed gatherings at the time (based on the most current government guidance)
  • Sponsorship: ensure your contracts cover you delivering the event in person or digital based on the current legislation
  • Booking Spaces: See below regarding room bookings.

Planning Large Events & Conferences In-Person: Lent Term

There is an assumption that everything may return to normal after christmas, and that you may be able to plan your events normally, even the large ones. We advise groups to be planning for their large events as soon as possible but with contingencies in place. Use some of the below advise to plan:

  • Event Structure: We advise that you plan two of the following senarios with budgets. Option 1: Fully in-person with full rooms, Option 2: Fully in-person but smaller rooms/socially distanced, Option 3: Fully Online. This then means if government restrictions change,
  • Ticketing: If you need to start selling tickets early, ensure that you notify members you may have to cancel on them/refund the ticket if a change happens. Or release batches based on size of allowed gatherings at the time (based on the most current government guidance)
  • Sponsorship: Ensure your contracts cover you delivering the event in person or digital based on the current legislation
  • Venues: To limit your financial Risk we advise holding your conferences and events on campus
  • Contracts: If you have any contracts associated to your event, the Union needs to sign them and review them. You need to provided a detailed risk management plan, as the Union may not sign as much risk as they did last year.
  • Speakers & Content: Please do start planning your content and contacting your speakers. Notify them of the risks of your event potentially being cancelled, and say you will check in with them monthly on the status. Plan back up speakers.
  • Public Attendance: Where possible, we advise you limit the attendance of the public to reduce COVID risk and it also means you may not need an acacemi

LSE Room-Bookings

Training & Booking Access:

Room Bookings Training is now live - complete it here. We will prioritise Secretaries getting set up first, then other core roles. You cannot get set up until you have completed the events training which will be live at the end of August.

LSESU Bookings in The Saw Swee Hock Center

The SSH is currently not available for booking spaces.

LSESU Clubs and Societies should support track and trace by collecting information on participants at all in-person activities they deliver including training, events, matches and so on. These records must be kept for 21 days. The data that we are asking you to collect is personal data and must be handled in accordance with GDPR to protect the privacy of your members.

How to set up Track & Trace:

  • 1. In order to adhere to these regulations, please use Google forms to collect Track & Trace data from your members. We have created an example form for you to view here. Each Club or Society should have 1 form they use for all in-person activities. Each form should only ask these specific questions:
  • a. Student Name
  • b. Student Number
  • c. Contact Email
  • d. Club or Society Name
  • e. What activity are you participating in? E.G. Training, match, meeting, event.
  • f. Date of activity
  • g. Time of activity
  • 2.Use your LSESU Student Group email E.G. to create the form.
  • 3.At the start of every session/training/activity your student group organises, please ask every member to fill out your Track & Trace form.

Set up QR Code for your Track & Trace Form

To make this process as easy and as accessible to your members as possible, we would advise creating a QR code for them to scan at the entry point of your activity

  • 1.Copy the link from the google form you have made into a QR Code Generator and this will create you a QR code for your sessions.
  • 2.Ask every member on arrival to scan this QR code using their smartphone and fill out the information before participating.

Please Note: The NHS Test and Trace is a key part of the country’s ongoing COVID-19 response. If we can rapidly detect people who have recently come into close contact with a new COVID-19 case, we can take swift action to minimise transmission of the virus. Although this is voluntary, please encourage your members to share their details and advise them that this information will only be used where necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Further Guidance:

Guidance to help you plan and deliver online, digital and virtual events or activities

Because of COVID, a number of our groups are going to be moving towards delivering online/virtual events and we aim to support you in doing this. We are going to producing new processes, guidance & trianing for planning and delivery successful digital events and activities which will launch on the 10th July. This will include:

If you feel there is any guidance missing that you would need or like to see, please do let us know at and we will try to provide it where possible.
Our Event Transition Guide (Coming Soon)

How to quickly change an event from being in-person to digital?

We understand all of our groups are keen to plan in person events in Michaelmas Term, but there is a risk that is COVID-19 measures put in by the government change, or become stricter at short notice, it risks your event being cancelled completed. We don't want our student committee leaders to feel disappointed in this, so where possible we recommend you to plan digital events. If restictions do change, we have created a guide on how to transition your event from inperson to digital at short notice. This will be released on the 10th July.

How to cancel an event at short notice

We hope this doesnt need to happen, but if it does, here is some guidance on what to do to ensure you create a good student experience where possible.

Transitioning from digital events back to in-person events

This process at short notice is very difficult, and not recommended. It also may not be possible due to other factors such as not being able to get a room, or COVID lockdown rules in particular locations.

When the pandemic begins to further ease, you can begin planning your more regular in-person events again but bare in mind that engagment in events may be low due to anxiety regarding COVID risk or a sense of being overwhelmed. Check out our inclusivity page on committee hubs for more support on trying make events accessible.

We are delivering a Virtual Welcome Fair

Using student feedback, Government Guidance and LSE's Guidance regarding on campus events, we have made a decision to move our welcome fair online and deliver a Virtual Welcome Fair. This will be hosted on our welcome microsite! Check it out.


Virtual Welcome Fair Committee Brief

We currently writing up guidance for student group committees on how to get the best out of attending our virtual fair. This will be released shortly. In the mean time more information to help you prepare for the fair can be found here.

Can we not do an inperson fair, but make it with smaller groups?

A number of groups have been asking this. We have looked in a range of different options, but could not find a model that was equitable to all clubs, societies and student groups. Therefore we choose to go digital to enable a fair and equitable experience for all groups.


What is the plan for Give it a Go 2020?

We highly recommend all clubs and societies to delive an Give it a go and/or welcome event for students this year. We advise because of the overwhleming feelings student may get when returning to campus, where possible plan digital events. If you feel you can safely deliver an in-person give it a go or welcome activity, submit you plans and risk assessments and the Sports or Societies Team will review your event forms.

We will be creating and publishing a Give it a go events calendar for students which will show them all the events you have to offer. We have updated our Give it ago Committee Hubs Guide to help you with step by step planning for your Give it a Go Event!

What campaigning activities can societies do during this period?

We have been working to identify what makes a society and campaign group different and we have come to the conclusion it is the type of campaign work they organise. All societies are allowed to organise level 1 campaigning activity which includes:

  • Awareness weeks, i.e. discussion events
  • Digital Campaigns with an individual call to action
  • Exhibitions
  • Endorse & encourage members to attend legal protests
  • Arts & Crafts sessions
  • Fundraising through RAG
  • Organising performances / live music
  • Film screenings
  • Petitions & Letters (If approved by the Societies Team)
However during the current pandemic we encourage that where possible you limit your campaigning activity to digital awareness campaigns, and creating digital versions of the above activities.

Endorsing and Encouraging members to attend a protest: What to do.

Societies cannot organise protests on issues, as this is the role of a campaign group supported by the representation team, but they can endorse protests taking place and encourage members to attend if it is legal to do so. Please advise members when attending a protest to ensure they adhereing the local lockdown restrictions.

I'm a campaign group, and I want to organise a protest

Our Representation Team can offer you expert guidance and advice on how to organise and deliver a protest safely and within the law. Please contact her on

We currently cannot allow people to drop off or collect club and society items as the LSE campus is closed.

Societies Storage Cupboard

Access to the Societies Storage Cupboard is currently unavailable. Once Campus has re-opened, we will review this and update Societies accordingly.

Sports Club Storage - Old Gym & Badminton Court

Access to the Old Gym and Badminton Court is currently unavailable. Once Campus has re-opened, we will review this and update clubs accordingly.

Post and Deliveries

Even though campus is not open, you can still send post and deliveries to be delivered to campus. These will be held in the post room for you to collect once campus re-opens. If possible, please do not order very large packages and deliveries as if there is no room to store, LSE will turn them away.

Please ensure you clearly name what club or society the post is for in the delivery name, and use the Union address for deliver which can be found here.

Once campus is open again, we will advise how you can collect your post and deliveries.

Guidance & Training

As more of our groups move towards digital platforms to create content and communities, it is important to know that there are laws around the production and distribution of content online including Media Law, Copyright and much more. At the end of August, we will be releasing Media Law Training for those who produce blogs, online content, podcasts, radioshows, magazines, newspapers, journals and more. We will reach out to groups we know to be doing this activity to inform them on the update to processes and training.

Can we hold an in-person election?

Until government guidance allows you to hold a gathering, the size of your student group's membership, you cannot hold an in person election. Therefore the Union recommends that no student groups hold an in-person election during Michaelmas Term.


Can we hold an online election?

The Sports and Societies Team can facilitate an online election for you using our system, which ensures your election is democratic and fair. Simply just email to let us know you need to hold an election and we can help.

We have vacant positions that need to be filled or sub-committees that need recruiting, what can we do?

We will be releasing a timeline for Michaelmas Term elections at the end of August. If you want to elect the roles before then, please email us on

Can we recruit rather than elect our sub-committees or vacant roles?

At the moment no. We will be releasing guidance at the end of August to explain the processes you would need to take to co-opt and recuit sub-committees and vacant roles. Please ensure you have submitted your request to have a sub-committee on committee hubs.

LSE Rehearsal Spaces

At the moment, you are unable to book rehearsal spaces at LSE whilst campus is closed. When campus re-opens there will be very limited space availability for rehearsals. The committee hub page on booking rehearsals will be updated once thier process is available and it will be communicated to committees.

For booking spaces in the activities studio or venue in Saw See Hock - Please see the above section on room bookings for updates on the booking process.

For booking spaces in the Old Gym & Badminton Court- Please see the above section on delivering sporting activity.

Both of the music practice rooms are currently closed in line with LSE's Campus Closure. Once campus has re-opened, we will review the the useage of these spaces in partnership with LSE and update the music society regarding access and safe usage.

Update: Due to more spaces being needed for Teaching, the Shaw Library may have to become a teaching space for Michaelmas Term, and therefore the music practice room would become unavailable during teaching hours. (8am-7pm Mon-Sat).

The 2nd Floor Rag & Media Center is currently shut due to the campus closure. When campus re-opens the Union will review the use of this space, and will update students accordingly to its useage policy.

We currently have Club or Society Equipment, can we drop it off to campus?

Both the Societies Cupboard and Club Storage in the Old Gym & Badminton Court is closed. Therefore please keep your equipment until it can be returned.

Using Your Equipment When You Return To In-Person Activities

When your group begins to deliver activities for members again, the use, storage and cleaning of equipment needs to be factored into your plans, activities and risk assessment. We will also include this in the management of our storage spaces, so if your group wants to store anything in Union storage spaces, your committee may need to sanitise it at the point of drop off.

It is unlikely that student groups will be able to book out the ground to 1st floor staircase in the Saw Swee Hock Center during Michaelmas Term to hold exhibitions. This is because the stairs will be turned into 1 way systems needing the whole stairs. We advise planning your exhbitions using the promotion space on the 1st floor. Please submit an event form for this. Alternatively, you could look into digital exhibition platforms for your plans.

Due to the National Lockdown, this type of activity cannot take place.