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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Candidate List

LSESU Lent Term Elections 2023

The polls have closed.

General Secretary

The General Secretary leads the Student Union and acts as the primary liaison between LSE and the Students’ Union. As Chair of the Executive Committee, the Gen Sec supports elected Officers to represent all LSE students and lead on major campaigns, strategic developments, projects and events.

  • KARAN KATARIA Manifesto

    Let's keep LSE in Check Vote Karan for Gen Sec.

  • JAMES RELF Manifesto


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Activities and Communities Officer

The Activities and Communities Officer helps create and sustain LSE’s vibrant community. Whether that’s supporting campaign groups to reach their goals, getting more funding for sport facilities, or providing opportunities for people across the globe to get to know each other - the Activities and Communities Officer is here to make LSE a better place.

  • Chris ADEWOYE Manifesto

    Don't Miss, Vote Chris 2.0

  • EMMA BLOSS Manifesto

    For no more activities dilemmas!!

  • NOWSHA FARHA Manifesto

    Empowering Communities and Celebrating Togetherness Through Sports_Clubs_Athletics_Recreation_Societies_Activities_Creativity_Sustainability_Ethics_Campaigns_Development_Projects_Volunteering_Media_Committee_Inclusion_Sharing, Raising and Giving

  • JUN HUI Manifesto

    Vote for Jun, Bring Change Soon!


  • Katherine Velastegui Córdova Manifesto

    Improvement. Intersectionality. Innovation. All power to the students!

  • Cathy ZHOU Manifesto

    Vote for Cathy, Chill and trustworthy! Inform. Encourage. Engage.

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Education Officer

The Education Officer changes things up for the better, working to represent all students’ academic interests, and helping them to get the most out of their degree!

  • ESHA BADR Manifesto

    Together Towards LSE 2.0 #NoPressure_Vote#1forEsha


    Celebration of Education - Not of 100%_your_Grade, In-Person Exams!

  • JOSHUA GOLDMAN Manifesto


  • Swasti Mitra Mustafi Manifesto


  • NAM NGHIEM Manifesto

    LSE - Leveraging Students' Excellence

  • SIRI PRASAD Manifesto

    Hey Siri, who should be LSE Education Officer? YOU, SIRI!

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Welfare and Liberation Officer

The Welfare and Liberation Officer works to make sure the University and wider world are inclusive and accessible to all. Take the lead on making LSE a safe, fair, and positive place to learn and to live!



  • DAVID JEHLICKA Manifesto

    WELFARE shouldn't just be SELFCARE. LSESU that works 4 U!

  • Sarah Onifade Manifesto

    Democratise Decolonise Deliver !

  • LAEBA SHEIKH Manifesto

    Let's Ensure LSE is fair, Vote Laeba #1 for Welfare

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Member of Trustee Board

Become a Director of multi-million-pound charity, and help us to make big decisions about the future of the LSE Students’ Union!

  • CAMILLE BOU Manifesto

    Vote for Camille for Student Trustee

  • HELEN BOURNE Manifesto

    Vote for an inclusive undergraduate trustee with extensive charity experience!

  • Joseph Card Manifesto

    Vote Joe to protect students and help save the Beaver


    Together, WE can make things happen!

  • Nikhil Mittal Manifesto

    Trustees you love to hate, but trust anyway

  • ALYSSA NAGRATH Manifesto

  • ZEUS PATEL Manifesto

    Every voice matters.


    Onwards & upwards, together!

  • VAIDAHI SHARMA Manifesto

    For students, By students: Together Let's make a difference!

  • REESE WONG Manifesto

    Increased transparency and the strengthened support of societies!


    Trust me to be Trustee.

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Ethics and Sustainability Adviser

Lead the frontier to make LSE an ethical and sustainable community, helping ensure campus life supports sustainable development for all. From advising the SU on environmental issues to investigating LSE's ethical and social credibility, there's lots to get stuck into!

  • LEANDRO GOUGH Manifesto

    Lend a Hand to Save the Land

  • HIMANI IYER Manifesto

    Ethics today for a better tomorrow!


    Onwards & upwards; together!

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Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer

Make sure the voices of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic students are heard! As BAME Officer, you would represent the interests of BAME students and work to combat racism and prejudices at LSE.

  • KEHINDE AJAO Manifesto

    Creating a legacy of BAME excellence

  • XINZHI JI (VICTOR) Manifesto

    Here to continue to deliver my promises

  • Bukky Oseni Manifesto

    BAME with an AIM

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Class Liberation Officer

The Class Liberation Officer represents the interests of students from low socio-economic backgrounds, tackling issues such as class-based microaggressions, imposter syndrome, and tangible financial support for disadvantaged students.

  • TANZILA BEGUM Manifesto

    Empower low socio-economic students to succeed and prosper!


    Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Vote for Class Liberation Officer


    Thriving communities through equal opportunities.

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International Students' Officer

LSE is a global institution, with a global student body - and the International Students’ Officer makes sure we don’t forget it! They work to represent international students and their interests to the School and SU.

  • MEHUL BANSAL Manifesto

    Fostering a Home away from home!

  • CELINE ESTEBE Manifesto

    Vote for Celine: Make LSE Feel Homey.

  • SILVIA GHOSH Manifesto

    Empowering Global Minds: Being your biggest supporter and biggest critic.


    Akshat is the choice, for international student voice!

  • PAUL SONGSRI Manifesto

    Here to *serve* your interest

  • ANRUO (EMMA) WANG Manifesto

    Not only Bridging, but also Bolstering -- Global Voices Matter.

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Neurodivergent and Disabled Students' Officer

The Neurodiversity and Disability (ND&D) Officer provides a genuine understanding of the complexities of Neurodiversity and Disability. They listen to and voice the concerns and experiences of neurodivergent and disabled students on campus, seeking to build a community at LSE where ND&D students can thrive.

  • Archie Mitchell Manifesto

    Bringing accessibility, inclusivity, and fidget toys to the table!


    Let's make accessibility a priority, not an afterthought!

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LGBTQ+ Officer

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer + (LGBTQ+) Officer, is responsible for listening to and voicing the concerns and experiences of LGBTQ+ students on campus, supporting the Sabbatical Officers in lobbying for change.

  • HANNAH GILLOTT Manifesto

    Be gay, do vote.

  • SORYOUNG HAN Manifesto

    Live, love, laugh, slay.

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Women's Officer

Represent and support other women at LSE! As Women's Officer, you are responsible for listening to and voicing the concerns and experiences of all women on campus, recognising the intersectionality of their experiences, and supporting the Sabbatical Officers in lobbying for change.


    Let me be your woman (officer)

  • ANISHA KAUL Manifesto

    Break the gender wall, vote Anisha Kaul!

  • Lottie Lewis Manifesto

    Listening, Engaging, Changing, Fundraising: Vote Lottie for Women's Officer

  • Tito Molokwu Manifesto

    Intersectionality? Accessibility? Let it be so! Vote Tito.


    Standing as a voice for all women.

  • Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) About

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